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2021 was a year of recovery for restaurants, and we thought it would be fun to look back at the highlights, milestones, and flat-out cool stuff we accomplished together in 2021.

  • Business was booming for 7shifts restaurants this year

  • Busiest time of year:

    Busiest shift to work:
    Friday 4pm to 10pm

    Busiest day of the week:

  • In 2021, 7shifts

  • customer Image
  • Scheduled,
    and stayed in touch.

  • 21,821,355 shifts scheduled

    1,332,118 shifts swapped

    10,519,137 messages sent

    2,158,620 shifts rated

  • Leveled up
    their labor

    Leveled up their labor

    5,867 POS integrations completed

    468.9 million receipts processed from POS's

  • celebration Image
  • Built up their business

  • 7,351 customers expanded their business and added new locations

2021 was a year for the books.
Stay tuned to see what's on the menu for 2022!