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Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Streamline and optimize labor management at your restaurant to save you time, money and sanity.

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Build perfect restaurant schedules in a few clicks

Easy schedule creation

Quickly create and assign shifts for your team to ensure your restaurant is properly staffed for the weeks and months ahead.

Plan, fill, and cover shifts

Easily approve or deny time off, availability, and shift trade requests from staff on the free mobile app for instant schedule updates.

Stay labor compliant

Get instant alerts of any compliance issues while you’re scheduling—like overtime, split shifts, clopens, and a full compliance report.

Optimize your labor spend

Plan schedules that meet your projected sales and labor targets by integrating your POS and payroll. Identify the variances that need your attention so you can staff more efficiently.

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Stay connected with
your team

Chat one-on-one or in groups

Chat directly with your team through personal or group direct messages. Keep it fun with GIFs, emojis, and photos!

Make team-wide announcements

Let your team know about business changes, new menu items, special promos, or anything else going on in the restaurant.

Keep managers in sync

Keep your management team on top of daily operations with the Manager Log Book—stay ahead of what’s important to your restaurant like maintenance issues, customer complaints, or employee training.

Secure your workplace communication

Entrust your workplace conversations to a secure, business-specific communication channel through 7shifts—the single source of truth for your team’s communication.

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Optimize your labor operations

Integrate your POS & Payroll

Integrate your POS and payroll systems to track variances in sales and labor, streamline your payroll processings, and ultimately make smarter business decisions.

Track your critical metrics

Monitor the most important things in your restaurant–your sales and labor costs–in the palm of your hand through your mobile device so you can make better scheduling decisions.

Hit your labor targets

Guide your scheduling with the weekly labor budget tool to get a visual indicator of whether you have scheduled too many—or too few—hands for your restaurant based on your targets.

Dive deep into labor performance

Review robust labor and sales reports to identify the biggest gaps and take action to improve future schedules and cut your labor costs.

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Engage and retain your staff

Identify your top performers

See which staff and managers are most reliable, most engaged, most often late, and most often sick at each location to know who is engaged, and who is at risk of leaving.

Automate shift feedback from staff

With automated employee feedback surveys after every shift, you’ll stay ahead of any operational or people issues.

Inform, update, and celebrate your team

Use team-wide Announcements or direct chats to share important information about company events, provide new workplace policies, and celebrate your team’s hard work.

Track engagement at each location

Get a birds-eye view of your team’s engagement with aggregate statistics like lates, no shows, sick times, and dropped shifts.

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Stay ahead of labor compliance

Reduce overtime hours

Get instant alerts when overtime is built into the schedule, or when an on-duty employee is about to go into overtime.

Manage mandatory breaks

Schedule custom and mandatory breaks in any shift and get notifications to remind employees to take them.

View & track your labor exceptions

Get an automated labor exception report with the type and fee associated with each labor exception. With the added visibility, you’ll stay more compliant with local laws.

Create flexible schedules in advance

Use our simple, drag-and-drop schedule builder to schedule and publish shifts to staff in accordance with the law.

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The power of integrations

7shifts integrates with dozens of the leading POS and Payroll systems to create labor-perfect restaurant schedules and simplify running payroll.

Real restaurants succeeding with 7shifts

What restaurateurs like you are saying about 7shifts

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"As we have grown from a 2 location business to a 5 location one, it is absolutely necessary for me to be able to see where everyone is throughout the week. 7shifts allows me to move employees around to fill shifts easily & to keep a close eye on the number of hours they are working. It has helped keep overtime in check which is critical. Honestly, I couldnt do my job without this program."

Michelle Hastings, Director of Operations

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"Scheduling MADE EASY! 7shifts has made scheduling easier on us and our staff. We have 50+ employees at our restaurant, and it used to be difficult looking up everyone's availability and time off. Now with just a mouse click everything you need to know about each individuals availability and time off is at your fingertips. It saves our management team so much time! "

Mallory McKenney, Leff’s Lucky Town

The ultimate restaurant employee scheduling and labor management platform

7shifts is so much more than simple restaurant scheduling. We help 300,000+ restaurants across the globe create perfect employee schedules that save money, stay labor compliant, and engage with their employees to reduce turnover.

Employee scheduling is easy with 7shifts’ intuitive drag-and-drop builder that factors in staff availability, time-off, and regional labor compliance. Build simple schedules and share them instantly with your team through our free mobile app.

Integrate your POS to get detailed reports on your labor cost so you can schedule employees more effectively and run a smoother operation. Your restaurant can ensure every employee schedule hits or exceeds your labor targets by building yours based on staff availability, weekly shift requirements, and sales (and weather) forecasts. Track variances between projected and actual labor and sales to identify trends and make smarter business decisions on-the-go.

Restaurants that create employee schedules with 7shifts find they can cut scheduling time by 80%, reduce employee calls and texts by 70%, and trim their labor costs by up to 3%. With your restaurant scheduling accounted for, you can spend more time engaging your staff and serving your guests.