7shifts supports schedule enforcement for NCR Aloha POS and Micros 3700 POS

7shifts supports schedule enforcement for NCR Aloha POS and Micros 3700 POS
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added to our existing POS sales data integrations with our partners at NCR Aloha POS and at Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 (best known as Micros 3700) to now include schedule enforcement! The addition of schedule enforcement means that we now offer full integration for both POS systems.

Restaurants using 7shifts and either Aloha POS or Micros will have access to data on labor, sales, and now schedule enforcement—data that will be valuable in making informed, profitable business decisions.

What does this integration do?

This integration syncs shifts in 7shifts with your POS to ensure that employees can only clock in to Aloha or Micros when they are scheduled to work in 7shifts. We created a brand new, intuitive interface that makes matching employees between either system and 7shifts a snap!

How does this integration benefit my restaurant?

This integration helps you reduce and control your labor costs by eliminating unplanned or early clock ins. For example, if an employee making minimum wage regularly clocked in 15 minutes early, over the course of a year, that carries a potential extra labor cost of $435. Allowing only schedule-enforced clock ins will eliminate this extra, unexpected cost.

How can I get started?

Great news: If you're an existing 7shifts and either an Aloha POS or Micros POS user, you can integrate now! Here are the setup guides:

NCR Aloha POS users - https://support.7shifts.com/article/72-aloha-pos
Micros 3700 POS users - https://support.7shifts.com/article/77-micros3700-pos

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

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