7shifts adds Clover POS integration

7shifts adds Clover POS integration
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

For restaurateurs looking for a simple payment solution, a powerful POS, or tools to help with customer engagement, Clover has become the trusted provider of solutions to streamline your hospitality operation.

That's why today we are excited to announce that 7shifts now integrates with Clover POS systems to help restaurateurs streamline their operations and reduce their labor costs with labor-efficient scheduling.


What does this integration offer?

Our POS integration syncs sales data from your Clover POS system into 7shifts and displays it in the 7shifts dashboard and weekly budget tool.

This data then provides an immediate look at your labor cost percentages and shows you how closely your restaurant is tracking towards your labor targets. In addition, this sales data is added into your schedule creator and forecasted for future weeks to help you build more efficient schedules.

These sales forecasts will get even better over time as more sales data is added into 7shifts and forecasts are optimized to fit your restaurant.

How does this integration benefit my restaurant?

This POS integration helps your restaurant save time and money in two ways:

  1. Make more accurate scheduling decisions by syncing sales data with your schedule to determine labor cost percentages. Use this information to make more labor- accturate schedules in the future.

  2. Forecast your future sales to help more precisely determine your scheduling needs. When you can predict your scheduling needs with 7shifts we find that restaurants reduce their labor costs by 1–3%

How can I get started?

Clover users: You can install 7shifts through our link in the Clover App Market. Tap 'Install' and you will walked through how to setup your account.

7shifts users: If you are a Clover POS user, you can turn on this integration in your account right now. Simply navigate to 'My Account' > 'Addons' > 'Third Party' and click the Clover logo to begin. You can also find instructions in our knowledge base.

Interested in how 7shifts can help your restaurant reduce labor costs with efficient scheduling? Request a demo with our team today!

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I work with our talented team to help restaurateurs save time and money on scheduling.