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Introducing Common Shift Times

Today we’re introducing Common Shift Times — a new feature to help you create schedules faster and with less work.

Previously, when you added a shift to your schedule, you could either manually create the shift times, or use the Time Frames screen to set a shift that appears in the shift time drop-down menu.

With the introduction of Common Shift Times, 7shifts now automatically learns which shifts you most often use and makes them available in the drop-down menu when adding a shift to the schedule. Common Shift Times eliminates the need to manually set and update time frames, and will help you create your schedule even faster.

You may be wondering, how does 7shifts know which shifts I might use? Good question! Our scheduling system analyzes the shifts you’ve used over the past few weeks, then predicts which of those you’ll want to use again and adds them as options in the shift time drop-down menu. Over time, the shifts you commonly use will be available and the ones you don’t use will be removed. Pretty nifty, huh?

Don’t see a shift you need in the drop-down? Simply add the shift manually. The next time you create a schedule, the shift will appear as an option for that particular day or role. Here’s how it works:

Note: With this change, we have removed Time Frames from the Schedule menu. But not to worry—if you use Time Frames regularly, you can still add and manage them within the Time Frames schedule layout and those shift options will be available in the schedule creator. See below:

For more information on Common Shift Times, visit our Knowledge Base article, or drop us a line at support@7shifts.com.

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Chris de Jong

Chris de Jong

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