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Punch-out on your terms

Restaurant are busy, complex operations. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s no surprise that staff sometimes forget to clock-out from their shifts. These oversights lead to added work and hassle for restaurant managers who then have to reconcile these overages and ensure staff are paid appropriately.

One of the ways restaurant time-clock providers like 7shifts help restauranteurs is by adding auto punch-out functionality, which automatically clocks staff out of their shift if they have not done it by a certain time.

Previously, the default auto clock-out time was set to midnight in each user’s time zone. However, after listening to our customers and seeing how others in the industry used similar tools, we realized that offering customizable clock-out times makes more sense. We know that clock-out times vary from restaurant-to-restaurant, and sometimes even season-to-season, so it’s important to have a tool than can adapt to your business.

Starting today, you can customize your auto punch-out time in 7punches, our restaurant time-clocking app that comes free with all 7shifts subscriptions. When you specify your auto punch-out time, all unclosed punches will be closed and you can then reconcile them accordingly. This auto punch-out time can be changed at any time to fit your needs.

Set your auto punch-out time!

  • Click your profile picture (in the top-right corner) in the 7shifts web app, select Company settings, then the Add-ons tab.
  • Scroll to Time Clocking, and click Settings.
  • Check the box next to Auto punch-out and add the time you want staff to be clocked-out.

Here is how to enable it:

If you would like more information on how auto punch-out works, you can find detailed information and step-by-step instructions in our knowledge base.

Chris de Jong

Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I love helping restaurateurs save time, save money, and improve the happiness and efficiency of their workforce.

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