Introducing Enterprise Dashboard

Introducing Enterprise Dashboard
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

If you are a restaurant executive, director of operations, or owner of multiple locations, one of the hardest things to do is maintain oversight of your entire organization's labor performance.

Between compiling reports from different locations, checking in on individual labor management practices, and identifying areas for improvement, it can sometimes feel like you live in spreadsheets.

At 7shifts, we know that having access to the right labor information at the right time can be the difference between maintaining profitability – especially as costs are on the rise and labor compliance regulations rolls out.

That's why we're excited to release our latest tool to help enterprise and multi-location restaurants succeed – meet the Enterprise Dashboard.


At it's core, Enterprise Dashboard is a simple above-store interface to report on the labor performance of all your restaurants in the 7shifts platform, no matter the size of your organization.

This dashboard gives you instant, real-time oversight on the business information you need to run your operations, without being complex, confusing, or hard to use.

By bringing together data from your restaurant POS and 7shifts, Enterprise Dashboard provides oversight on
total sales, average labor, SLPH and total OT hours – at the organization and the individual restaurant level.


In addition to providing the oversight restaurant leaders need, Enterprise Dashboard provides aggregate and per-location variances from projected for both sales and labor to help you quickly find areas of the business that require your attention, without having to sift through countless spreadsheets and reports.

Want to quickly identify which restaurants are highest performing? No problem. With Enterprise Dashboard all your metrics can be sorted to quickly find high (or low) performers.

We also make it easy to export any of the data in Enterprise Dashboard so you can share what matters with the rest of your organization, without having to compile it from multiple sources. Our one-click export can be used to generate reports daily or weekly, for your whole organization or individual stores.


Best of all, because Enterprise Dashboard pulls metrics from all of your restaurants using 7shifts, you can simply and securely dive into individual store accounts to see how they are running. No more shared passwords on sticky notes, which your IT department will be sure to love!

Ready to learn more about how Enterprise Dashboard can provide the real-time labor intelligence your restaurant organization needs? Book a demo with our team today and we can show you how much simplier we can make your restaurant operations.

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I work with our talented team to help restaurateurs save time and money on scheduling.