Add & manage staff on the go!

Restauranteurs agree: the future is mobile! As managers move out of crammed back offices and manage more of their operations on the go, we’ve made it easier for them to manage their workforce, right from the comfort of—well—anywhere!

We have updated our free iOS and Android apps to include the ability to add employees, edit their information, give them new work assignments (locations, departments, and roles) right from the 7shifts app. The ultimate goal here is to align our web app and mobile app experience so that in the (near) future, you will be able to do everything in 7shifts on your smartphone.

How it works

To add a new employee:

  • From the menu, tap Employees
  • Tap +, and enter the employee’s information
  • Enter all their personal details (and take or add a photo!)
  • Add their assignments


To edit employee information and to give them new work assignments:

  • From the menu, tap Employees
  • Select the employee’s name you wish to change information for, then tap **edit **to change their personal info
  • To change their assignment, tap Assignments in the bottom menu
  • Drill down to the location, department, or role you would like to change
  • Check or uncheck the assigned duty


To edit employee HR or payroll informations:

  • From the menu, tap Employees
  • Select the employee’s name you wish to change information for
  • Tap HR/Payroll in the bottom menu
  • Tap the value you would like to change, such as max hours or wage type
  • Tap Save


If you have any questions about this new feature, check out our Knowledge Base article or drop our Support Team a line at

Chris de Jong

Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I love helping restaurateurs save time, save money, and improve the happiness and efficiency of their workforce.

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