POS Integration: Sales forecasting with Cake and 7shifts

We’re happy to announce another great POS integration with restaurant-based POS, Cake. Cake provides restaurants with a wide variety of robust and useful features that are essential to running a successful restaurant. Some of the main features include online ordering, rewards/loyalty, gift cards, marketing tools and a guest manager.

What does the integration do?

With the integration, 7shifts brings in historical/actual sales data from Cake to automatically provide projected sales estimates when scheduling future weeks. Here’s a snapshot of it in action:


7shifts provides these sales projections by looking at your past sales as well as your sales numbers from several months back. From that, we’re able to determine your sales growth percentage and apply it to future schedules. As we develop tighter integrations around sales projections, we’re going to also start pulling in weather data to help with forecasting.

If you’re an existing 7shifts and Cake user and want to leverage this integration, read our support page on how to get it all setup. If you’re new to 7shifts, sign up for a free trial.

What’s next?

This is just the first of many integration points for 7shifts and Cake. In the future, we’re going to be providing some other great integration points that include punch enforcement, labor reporting and more.

Visit Cake’s website today or contact a sales rep to learn more!