Which is the better
employee scheduling software for your restaurant?

Your choice of a scheduling & labor management solution will have a major impact on your restaurants’ bottom line. If you are considering Ameego and 7shifts here is what you need to know so you can make the right decision for your business, your bottom line and your staff.

What sets 7shifts apart from Ameego? Get the facts that matter.

Based on our research and feedback from restaurants who have used both platforms, here are the major differences.

Integrated time clocking

7shifts’ integrated punch clock lets you manage employee time and attendance, unlocking powerful insights to help you optimize sales, budgets, and productivity. Ameego has no integrated time clocking, leaving you exposed to unauthorized staff breaks, early clock-ins, and forgotten punch-outs.

Group chat and announcements

7shifts group chats centralize all on the job back and forth and announcements let you broadcast staff-wide messages without external apps or giving out personal information. Ameego has no built-in chat or announcements, so you’ll need to find yet another tool for the job

Activity and audit log

With 7shifts you always know who has made edits or changes to the schedule or approved / denied requests. Ameego does not offer schedule logging functionality, which means restaurant managers are left in the dark when changes are made and by whom.


7shifts automates the scheduling process with its demand-based scheduler that automatically fills shifts based on your specific staffing requirements and forecasted sales. Ameego does not support Auto-Scheduling, forcing you to do the math to figure out your optimal labor spend.


Scheduling and forcastlng tools

POS integration

Sales & Labor forecasting

Manager Log Book

Free mobile apps

Time clocking

Overtime alerts

Group chat and announcements


Activity and audit log

Feature comparisons were compiled based on publicly available information as of August, 2018.

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"When we implemented 7shifts our staff was delighted - the communications tools are fantastic. Now that we've integrated our Toast POS with 7shifts, we're getting even more out of it - managing and controlling our labor costs has never been easier."

Barry Lowenthal, Tampa, FL

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