Seattle restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce labor costs

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Seattle restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce labor costs

Save time creating
your staff schedules

Create and publish your restaurant schedule in minutes, not hours. Drag n' drop the shifts you need and then send to your team via text, app, or email.

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See staff availability when scheduling

Track your restaurant’s

Manage your restaurant from anywhere, any time. Track and control labor costs, manage time-off requests, shift trades, overtime, schedule changes, and more from your phone. Send staff announcements and create group chats.

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Restaurant manager mobile dashboard

Stay in control
of your labor costs

Ensure every schedule hits or exceeds your labor targets. Build yours based on staff availability, weekly shift requirements, and your restaurant's sales forecasts. Budget labor by department and save an average of 1–3% on labor costs.

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Restaurant forecasting

Spend less time managing your restaurant and more time growing it

Sign up for 7shifts and get access to all the tools you need to save time and money

Spend less time scheduling

You'll spend 80% less time on scheduling and logistics with 7shifts.

Track your restaurant's performance

Take the guesswork out of your restaurant's progress by tracking up-to-the-hour info on sales and labor, right on your smartphone.

Communicate with your staff effectively

Your team will stay in the loop with group chats, individual messages, and group announcements.

Stay in control of your business

You'll always be a tap or click away from accurate labor cost forecasts and projected sales info.