How 7shifts + Bounce integrates

Monitor staff efficiency by comparing revenue generation to hours worked

Keep your team and guests safe with Contactless Payments

Let your guests view your menu digitally with a QR code

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7shifts and Bounce Integration: Monitor revenue generation efficiency

Bounce is an application that helps alleviate staff responsibilities by eliminating their role in the checkout process and putting it into your guests' hands. Guests can view the menu or pay their bill by scanning a QR code on the table; no sign up and no app download required. By allowing guests the convenience of paying on their phone, table turns increase up to 15 minutes faster on average.

Bounce helps enhance the dining experience for your customers, and with the increase in table turns, tips can increase as much as 7-11%. Contactless Payments can help eliminate multi-surface touch points from tablets and credit cards, protecting both the customer and staff during COVID-19.