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7shifts and Brink (via Delaget) Integration: Automatic sales projections, sales reporting, and more

Brink POS software is the only point of sale platform that combines a complete suite of software applications with a reliable hardware and services portfolio that your growing restaurant demands.

Brink offers a multitude of custom features, with anytime and anywhere access to store reporting, data and menu changes. At the centre of your business, Brink easily supports third-party integrations through our open API.

Seamlessly manage your digital menu off the same database as your POS and create ambassadors of your brand at the same time. Fulfill consumer expectations by integrating technology into their dining experience. Enhance your brand’s social and mobile presence with PAR Brink POS built-in Online and Mobile Ordering.

Learn how 7shifts's integration with your Brink POS via Delaget helps you and your managers save time and make better business decisions.