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7shifts and POSitouch (via Shift4) Integration: Automatic sales projections, break tracking, and more

POSitouch, powered by Shift4, has provided technologically advanced solutions to the table service & quick service industries for over a decade. Clients range from national chains to independent operators and all have come to trust POSitouch to help them manage their operations.

Robust functionality provides tremendous flexibility in creating “custom” fit solutions for POSitouch customers. We have taken years of customer input and feature development and created a system which significantly enhances restaurant management.

Learn how 7shifts's integration with your POSitouch POS helps you and your managers save time, optimize labor costs, and make better business decisions.

*Note: You must be using POSipayments or Shift4 to integrate POSitouch (Shift4) with 7shifts. If you’re not using these payment systems, please see our POSitouch (via Omnivore) listing.