How 7shifts + RASI integrates

Process payroll in RASI from 7shifts labor data

Sync regular hours & pay

Sync overtime hours & pay

Sync holiday hours & pay

Instant integration

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7shifts and RASI Integration: Sync regular, overtime, and holiday hours & pay

RASI is modernizing the back-office as the leading virtual end-to-end outsourced Accounting, Payroll, and Finance platform in the hospitality market. Utilizing a Managed Finance as a Service (FaaS) approach, RASI is the only solution that does not make a restaurant operator choose between excellence in software and excellence in service!  

RASI’s end-to-end ERP solutions for small, medium, multi-unit concept, franchise, and enterprise restaurant operators include: Restaurant Accounting, Complete GL & Financial Reporting, POS Integration & Data Normalization, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, AP & Cash Management, Multi-Unit Inventory & Theoretical Costing, Purchasing & Manufacturer Rebates, Payroll & HRIS, Restaurant Compliance, and Treasury Solutions.

7Shifts & RASI, Industry leaders in both Labor and Payroll management solutions have partnered together to deliver the most complete end to end Tech – Enabled Labor and Payroll Compliance service.  The results speak for themselves – Clients report a 3% on average reduction in labor costs.