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7shifts and Vexilor Integration: Real-time sales and Intuitive Sales Projections

Vexilor POS runs on custom hardware and software and was developed specifically for restaurant environments. Two hundred+ features allow restaurant owners and operators to manage every aspect of their business, customize production steps and workflows, support complex routing configuration between prep stations, head of line and expos, and analyze large quantities of data for actionable information.

Its highly scalable platform includes a kitchen display systems (KDS), restaurant resource management, inventory control, and tableside ordering capabilities, all backed by free 24/7 support. Vexilor provides its customers across Canada and the U.S. with a scalable, end-to-end business management solution, focused on streamlining operations.

Learn how 7shifts's integration with your Vexilor POS helps you and your managers save time, optimize labor costs, and make better business decisions.