New York City’s Fair Workweek

Nov 2017 · Fast-food restaurants · 30+ locations

The NYC Fair Workweek law, enacted in 2017, applies to all fast-food restaurants in the city with more than 30 locations worldwide. Staying compliant with the legislation when building your staff schedules is essential.

Employers must follow these labor compliance requirements or pay out fees.

  • Provide staff 11 hours of rest between shifts
  • Provide two weeks’ notice of schedules
  • Provide employees with “good faith” estimates of weekly hours, days, and shift times
  • Pay employees out for any labor exceptions
  • Offer existing employees additional hours to cover shift needs before hiring new staff
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How 7shifts helps NYC restaurants stay Fair Workweek compliant

7shifts provides the tools restaurants need to ensure compliance with New York Fair Workweek laws with flexible scheduling, transparent communication, and robust reporting tools.

Flexible scheduling

7shifts’ drag-and-drop schedule builder makes it simple to schedule shifts in accordance with the law. Get ultimate visibility into each employee’s shifts and use sales and weather forecasts to build the most efficient schedules.

Overtime alerts

While scheduling, managers will receive alerts of any overtime they’ve built into the schedule. Additionally, managers receive a notification when an on-duty employee is about to go into overtime.

Electronic schedule publishing

Easily publish new schedules to employees via SMS text, push notification, or email with 2 weeks’ notice. Employees can view their shifts directly on their mobile device.

Shift swapping

Employees can voluntarily offer up shifts or accept extra shifts from coworkers with managerial approval.

Time-off and availability requests

Schedules are infinitely flexible for your staff with time-off and availability requests submitted directly through the app. Managers can approve, deny, and manage requests on-the-go.

Scheduled break management

Schedule custom and mandatory breaks in any shift and get notifications to remind employees to take them.

Schedule change alerts

When making any last-minute changes to published schedules, you’ll receive an alert and the associated exception cost will be added to your labor exception report.

Spread of hours and clopen alerts

Get alerts when scheduling employees for a split shift that exceeds 10 hours, and when scheduling staff for “clopens” with less than 11 hours rest between shifts.

Maintain compliance records

Keep records of all scheduled shifts, punch data, and account activity for three years and beyond.

Generate labor exception reports

Easily access automated labor exception reports with type and fee amount of each exception. With the added visibility, you’ll stay more compliant with local laws.

Language support

7shifts is currently available in English, Spanish, and French. Simply select your preferred language, and all text in the 7shifts web app will be displayed in this language.

NYC restaurants use 7shifts to save time, reduce labor costs, and stay compliant.

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7shifts is your full compliance and team management solution

Build perfect restaurant schedules in a few clicks

Employee scheduling for restaurants is simple with our drag-and-drop tool that factors in overtime, availability, and regional labor laws. Once the employee schedule is built, it can be published directly to your staff’s email or mobile device so they always know when they’re working.

You'll spend 80% less time building perfect employee schedules that work for your restaurant.

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Stay connected with
your team

Group chats · Direct messaging · Announcements · Shift feedback · Manager log book

Keep your team informed with built-in chat, announcements, and shift feedback. Share photos, GIFs, emojis, and text through one-on-one or group messages, or update the whole team with company Announcements.

Be proactive with employee engagement with store-specific stats like lates and no shows, a real-time leaderboard of most and least-engaged employees, and automated feedback surveys to keep a pulse on employee satisfaction.

Take your communication 'to go' with our free mobile app for employees and managers.

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Optimize your labor operations

POS integrations · Weekly labor budget tool · Reports · Engage dashboard

Connect your systems—from dozens of supported POS and Payroll systems—to optimize your team management. Integrate your POS to track real-time variances in sales and labor and make smarter business decisions that lower labor costs. Guide your scheduling with sales forecasts to ensure targets are hit, eliminate un-budgeted labor hours with schedule enforcement, and access detailed reports to identify trends and optimize your restaurant.

Use staff engagement insights and automated feedback from staff to improve workplace satisfaction and productivity.

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Exceed your restaurant goals

Multi-location support · On-demand support · Knowledge base articles & videos

With your labor costs in check, staff engaged, and restaurant schedule managed, you can focus on the things that matter—serving your guests and making your restaurant thrive.

Devote more time to supporting your team, expanding your menu, or growing your sales. With unlimited employee and location support, 7shifts is here to help you succeed—whatever that looks like for you.

If you ever need a hand, our support team is only a chat, email, or phone call away.

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Dozens of powerful, supported integrations

Select your POS and Payroll system from 7shifts' 20+ integrations to create labor-perfect schedules and simplify your management by making better use of the systems you already know and trust.

The ultimate scheduling and team management platform for New York restaurants

New York has nearly 30,000 restaurants—which means competition is tough in the big apple. Stay profitable (and competitive) by optimizing your labor with a platform like 7shifts.

Employee scheduling is easy with 7shifts’ intuitive drag-and-drop builder that factors in staff availability, time-off, and New York labor compliance. Build simple schedules and share them instantly with your team through our free mobile app.

Integrate your POS to get detailed reports on your labor cost so you can schedule employees more effectively and run a smoother operation. Your restaurant can ensure every employee schedule hits or exceeds your labor targets by building yours based on staff availability, weekly shift requirements, and sales (and weather) forecasts. Track variances between projected and actual labor and sales to identify trends and make smarter business decisions on-the-go.

Thousands of New York restaurant pros use 7shifts to save money, stay labor compliant, and engage their employees to reduce turnover. New York restaurants that create employee schedules with 7shifts find they cut their scheduling time by 80%, reduce employee calls and texts by 70%, and trim their labor costs by up to 3%. With your restaurant scheduling accounted for, you can spend more time engaging your staff and serving your guests.

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