How 7shifts + Staffy work together:

We helps restaurateurs find qualified staff to work and then schedule them for the appropriate shifts.

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Line cook call in sick? Bartender feeling a little rough today? Need extra support staff this weekend? Staffy is the original on-demand staffing platform for the hospitality industry. We work with the best and most prestigious restaurants, event spaces and venues in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and New York. We provide staff in as little as 90 minutes, whether it be a dishwasher, line cook, server or bartender. Our staff are vetted industry professionals looking to pick up extra shifts. We give our clients full control of who they want to hire and when. We remove uncertainty from our clients' staffing issues by solving the absenteeism problem, as well as providing a fluid and scalable workforce that prevents profit loss.

"We don't have time to always worry whether our dishwasher is going to show up or not. Staffy gives us the confidence of knowing that we are covered. It's not easy for someone new to just slip on line and start working but their staff are sharp and adaptable. Just what you want when you are in need of someone last minute. Staffy has saved our ass, numerous times. - Grant van Gameren"