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With 7shifts + Revel, you get valuable hours back in your week, and thousands of dollars back in your bank.

The team management platform that helps Revel users like you:

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Learn how 7shifts integrates with your Revel POS to simplify team management and reduce costs.


Time saved on managing staff schedules


Labor costs saved


Reduction in phone calls and texts

The power of our simple and free Revel integration

  • Spend 80% less time scheduling with an easy-to-use schedule builder that factors in overtime, availability & labor targets
  • Improve employee engagement & communication with a free mobile app for staff with availability and time-off requests, shift feedback, and chat
  • Reduce labor costs up to 3% through efficient schedules informed by accurate forecasts from your Revel POS
  • Track restaurant performance with real-time labor & sales data, forecasts, and robust reports to make smarter business decisions
The 7shifts mobile app, and desktop app displayed alongside the revel POS

How using 7shifts + Revel
together saves you thousands per month

Save money with real-time sales & forecasting

Sync real-time sales data from Revel to provide accurate sales forecasts, guide efficient schedules, and stay within budget and labor target percentage.

This saves Revel users:


In reduced labor costs from more efficient schedules*

Reduce overtime and time-theft with Schedule Enforcement

Cross-reference employee clock-ins from Revel with scheduled shifts to prevent unauthorized clock-ins, and eliminate unbudgeted overtime and unbalanced staffing.

This saves Revel users:


In early clock-ins and labor overages

Make smarter on-the-fly business decisions with Actual Labor

Sync actual labor data between Revel and 7shifts to compare variances and get a real-time look at labor costs. Track these costs with the free 7shifts mobile app.

This saves Revel users:


In reduced labor costs*

Keep accurate payroll calculations with Wage Sync

Set employee wages in Revel and have them synced to 7shifts to keep your labor calculations accurate and up-to-date, saving time and payroll headaches.

This saves Revel users:


In time saved for managers

What Revel users think of 7shifts

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"With 7shifts, I can communicate easily to staff every day, including important things that I need my managers to be on top of. I cross-reference my schedule to the time-punches and check the Manager Log Book. I'm in 7shifts daily"

Rachel Westelaken, Impact Kitchen

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"The biggest benefit to being a 7shifts client is definitely efficiency and simplicity. 7shifts has a simple vibe and easy functionality. People catch on quickly."

Konrad Droeske, Ottos's Bierhalle