How COGS-Well helps restaurants

Track & control inventory

Analyze food & beverage costs

Manage recipes

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7shifts and COGS-Well: Track restaurant inventory and manage recipes

COGS-Well provides Inventory Control, Recipe Management, and Food & Beverage Cost Analysis software for the restaurant industry. We utilize advanced technology and unique customer services to deliver a comprehensive system that is installs quickly and is easy to maintain.

COGS-Well is Unique—we overcame the challenges normally found in restaurant inventory control systems by providing the following: 

Fast/Easy Installation: Most inventory systems require new customers to set up their own inventory database and it typically takes 2 to 3 months to complete. COGS-Well does the initial set up for our customers, including the inventory database, and it typically takes only a few days. 

Automated Invoice Processing: Most inventory systems require some manual entry of invoices. COGS-Well, however, imports all invoices. Invoices are imported directly from vendors who offer electronic capability and invoice scanning is leveraged for vendors that don’t. The result is a complete elimination of manual invoice entry which typically saves 2 to 3 hours per week. 

Unique Audit Service: Other inventory systems require customers to maintain their inventory database. COGS-Well maintains the inventory item database for our customers. We have a team of auditors that monitor invoices and verify or correct the inventory item detail. This service ensures accuracy and saves an administrator or manager multiple hours per week. It is also free. 

Easy Recipe Management: COGS-Well simplified recipe building by importing items directly from the POS so customers just add recipes. We created flexible recipe units that allow an ingredient to have multiple units of measure and be scaled for different portion sizes. We also provide a full recipe book feature so customers can cost and view recipes in the same system.

Robust Feature Set: All that is required to use COGS-Well is a computer or tablet with a browser and access to the internet. COGS-Well is optimized for mobile devices and features can be enabled or disabled as desired.