Restaurant Labor Compliance Software

Is your restaurant
labor compliant everywhere?

Restaurant labor compliance alerts from 7shifts softwareRestaurant labor compliance alerts from 7shifts software

Stay ahead of labor laws and compliance issues with the right tools. 7shifts helps keep you on track, no matter which region you operate in.

Restaurant labor compliance alerts from 7shifts softwareRestaurant labor compliance alerts from 7shifts software
Happy restaurant employee working in the kitchen.Happy restaurant employee working in the kitchen.

Restaurants in regions with Fair Workweek laws unknowingly make ~ 341 infractions per month.
Prevent them with 7shifts.

Restaurant scheduling dashboard with notificationsRestaurant scheduling dashboard with notifications

Build a proactively labor compliant restaurant

Avoid costly compliance fees with built-in tools like overtime alerts and custom break management. Get the labor compliance tools you need to do it all with built-in overtime alerts, custom break management, an easy schedule publisher, and simple team communication tools.
Chad Stevens | Owner / OperatorChad Stevens | Owner / Operator
Chad Stevens
Owner / Operator
"If an employee works over 6 hours, they get a 30 minute break. They also get 10 minute paid breaks after certain hours as well. 7shifts allows us to define that and track it. That for me, is the greatest feature."
7shifts time clocking software on a tablet7shifts time clocking software on a tablet

The compliance tools you need to empower your team

With 7shifts, managing labor compliance becomes a whole lot easier.
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconCreate and enforce mandatory and custom breaks
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconReceive automated break and OT alerts for staff
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconEnsure staff are not scheduled for "clopen" shifts
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconRun labor exception reports to see possible labor exceptions
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconAutomatically detect overtime and adjust schedule accordingly
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconAllow employees to voluntarily change schedules through shift swapping
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconGive advanced notice of schedules with easy electronic shift publishing to staff
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconSet Effective Wage Dates to automatically comply with new minimum wage laws
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconTrack timesheet data and changes
  • checkmark iconcheckmark iconKeep records of shifts, schedule changes, labor hours, and shift swaps
Restaurant staff using their technologyRestaurant staff using their technology
Indicate Minors on Schedule, labor compliance rules Indicate Minors on Schedule, labor compliance rules

Indicate Minors on the Schedule

Easily identify minor employees on the schedule and comply with local labor laws. Employees under the age of 18, as calculated by their date of birth in their profile, will have indicators appearing next to their name on the schedule page, shift creation modal, and shift pool requests.

Labor law compliance tools for your restaurant

Flexible scheduling

7shifts drag and drop schedule builder makes it simple to schedule shifts in accordance with the law.

Overtime alerts

Managers get real-time alerts of any overtime when building the schedule. And notifications when an on-shift employee is about to go into overtime.

Electronic schedule publishing

Create schedules with 2 weeks' notice. Publish new schedules in minutes and notify employees via SMS text, push notification, or email.

Shift swapping

Employees can voluntarily offer up shifts or accept extra shifts from coworkers with managerial approval.

Time off and availability requests

Add flexibility to the schedule. Your team can submit time-off and availability requests directly through the app. Managers can approve, deny, and manage requests on-the-go.

Scheduled break management

Schedule in custom and mandatory breaks to any shift. Notifications remind your team to take them.

Schedule change alerts

Making last-minute changes to the schedule? Get alerted and have the associated exception cost added to your labor exception report automatically.

Split shift detection

Automatically detect split shift punches when employees punch in with 7shifts. And have the associated "split shift premium" fed directly into the labor exception report.

Break attestation

Accurately track labor law compliance. 7punches prompts employees clocking out to confirm whether they took their required meal and rest breaks. Or if they waived them.

Spread of hours and clopen alerts

Get alerts when scheduling employees for a split shift that exceeds 10 hours. And when scheduling staff for clopens with less than 11 hours rest between shifts.

Record keeping

Keep records of all scheduled shifts, punch data, and account activity for three years and beyond.

Labor exception reports

Easily access automated labor exception reports with type and fee amount of each exception. With the added visibility, you’ll stay more compliant with local laws.

Right to rest alerts

Managers will receive alerts of any right to rest exceptions in the schedule and be notified of the associated fee.

Language support

7shifts is currently available in English, Spanish, and French. Select your preferred language, and all text in the 7shifts web app will be displayed in this language.

Certification expiry notifications

Keep your team up-to-date with certifications. Upload employee certifications and set reminders 30, 45, 60 or 90 days before they expire.

Reporting pay

Ensure your employees receive the correct pay when they work a shift less than the minimum shift length in your region.