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Data Studies and Reports

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Restaurant Employee Turnover by City and State + Restaurant Retention Playbook

Get insights into restaurant staff retention and turnover averages by city and state. With tips on how to prevent staff turnover and win employees over.

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Fast Casual Restaurant Trends: Sales and Labor

Learn the top trends in sales and labor for fast-casual and QSR restaurants in 2022, and how your locations can benefit from these insights.

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How Have The Shifts Changed in The Restaurant Industry

Learn how shift scheduling for certain roles has changed from 2019 to 2021, where labor shortages are impacting restaurants and more.

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The Great Resignation. What 3,700 Restaurant Employees are Looking For To Stay Engaged

We surveyed over 3,700 restaurant employees to find out what they really want when it comes to their employers in the restaurant industry.

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2021 Restaurant Inflation and Its Impact on the Industry

Learn how restaurant inflation is having an impact on the industry and how you can fight it as a restaurant owner or manager.

About Our Data

This dataset is based on insights from 700,000+ anonymized 7shifts restaurant users that work in 30,000+ locations across the United States and Canada.

Other Restaurant Resources

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Restaurant Guides and PDFs

Get all the guides you need to help you save time, money, and streamline your operations.

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Restaurant Management Excel Templates

Download all types of excel templates to help you schedule, manage costs, improve operations, and more.

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Restaurant and Hospitality
Management Courses

Get access to professional and free restaurant management courses designed for the hospitality industry.

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The Restaurant Growth Podcast by 7shifts

The 7shifts restaurant growth and management podcast is here to help any restaurant owner, manager or employee excel in their role in the restaurant industry.

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7shifts Restaurant Case Studies

Learn how real restaurants are using 7shifts to save time & money, reduce labor costs and streamline team communication.

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