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Restaurant Scheduling Software

Restaurant scheduling software for teams

Quickly build schedules and make changes on the go, giving employees the ability to request shift changes and submit time off requests.

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On average, 7shifts saves restaurant managers 14 hours per month on scheduling.

Why 7shifts is better than what you’re using now

Create your schedule in minutes

Time is money. Put more time back into your workday by quickly creating and managing your schedules with 7shifts.

Why 7shifts is better than what you’re using now

Make changes on the go

Adjust your schedule on mobile to keep your team up-to-date—staff can trade shifts and submit availability via the app, too.

Why 7shifts is better than what you’re using now

Save $1,000s in labor costs each year

Avoid over or under-staffing by automatically forecasting sales and labor projections to build more accurate schedules.

Why 7shifts is better than what you’re using now

All your data, in one place

It’s 2024. Nobody should be managing multiple, siloed apps. 7shifts seamlessly integrates dozens of POS, payroll, and other software solutions, bringing all your valuable information together.

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Why 7shifts is better than what you’re using now

Easy to use, so convenient. Love getting notified when my schedules get published, being able to see who I work with, and how easy it is to drop/pick up shifts.

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Kat Gray

Employee, White Squirrel Golf Club

I wish more employers would use this app. I've never had it be this easy to request time off, change availability, or look at who I'm working with. The interface of getting a shift covered or covering a shift is also very good.

Eliah Medina

Employee, Woodstock’s Pizza

“7shifts made it easy for me to make weekly schedules in half the time as my previous platform. It makes it easy to see requests off and shift swaps. Lastly, it allows me to budget our hours in order to schedule heavy on busier days.”

Rivs Rivera

Assistant Manager, Ascend

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Create your first schedule in minutes

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How 7shifts restaurant scheduling works



Add team shifts in minutes with our easy drag n’ drop schedule builder.

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Staff use the free mobile app to get shift notifications, ask for time off, and swap shifts.

7shifts mobile app notifications for restaurant employees, including shift reminders and chat messages


Make schedule changes, approve staff time off and shift swaps - from anywhere, at any time.

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Why restaurants love 7shifts scheduling software

Here are just a few examples of how 7shifts has saved restaurants time and money!


shaved off their bottom line every week

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reduction in raw labor costs

hours saved on scheduling each week, per location

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about 7shifts Scheduling

  • You can get a 14-day trial of 7shifts scheduling totally free, no credit card required. It’s also included in our $0 Comp plan.

    Restaurant management is complex, but creating staff schedules doesn’t have to be.

  • With our free restaurant scheduling software plan, you get access to basic scheduling and time clocking, basic team communications, availability and time off features so scheduling shifts for your team is a breeze.

    With our paid plans, you get access to budgeting, labor compliance, labor cost, employee performance management, tip management, task management, team engagement features, plus payroll. 7shifts is not only restaurant scheduling software, we have everything you need to manage your employees.

  • 7shifts connects your POS, time clocking, and payroll software, and it’s super easy to get started:

    1. Enter your restaurant’s information.
    2. Connect to your bank account.
    3. Invite and onboard your employees.
    4. Export and upload your YTD payroll information from your previous provider.

    Our team is on standby to help make the process as quick and easy as possible for your restaurant.

  • Yes! Your staff will love using the mobile app to check the schedule, see who they work with and to switch shifts with others. It’s the perfect tool for restaurant teams.

    No more checking paper schedules or wondering whether you saw their time off request in the text chain. Restaurant scheduling software to the rescue.

  • Restaurant scheduling software is just the beginning.

    With 7shifts, you can schedule, pay, and retain your team in one app. Our management tools are easy to use, and built exclusively for restaurants. Build schedules with ease to save time, cut labor costs with our built-in compliance features and integrations, and reduce staff turnover with shift feedback surveys, communication and reporting tools.

    It’s better for your team, so it’s better for your business.

Your restaurant's secret sauce in 2024.