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Use our feedback and communication tools to create a more positive experience for your staff.

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Keep a pulse on team engagement to boost retention

Decrease high turnover

Build trust with your team. Monitor engagement and automate shift feedback surveys to gather actionable insights, improve coaching, and identify operational issues early.

93% of teams using Shift Feedback report it helped them resolve team conflict and identify operational issues

Keep a pulse on team engagement to boost retention

Stay connected

The 7shifts Team Chat app centralizes group chats, announcements, and Shout-outs, building stronger relationships between team members and management. Plus, you’ll save time and money from juggling multiple communication apps.

Cut calls, texts, and emails by 50% using 7shifts team communication tools

Keep a pulse on team engagement to boost retention

Have impactful performance conversations

Spend less time digging through data to track employee performance and engagement, and more time on creating a culture that fosters continuous improvement.

88% of 7shifts customers see improved team morale, retention, or performance

Keep a pulse on team engagement to boost retention

Centralize mission-critical information

Bridge the communication gap between shifts with our digital Manager Log Book. Keep managers and owners in the loop on daily operations, even when they’re not at the restaurant.

90% of teams using Manager Log Book report improved communications

Keep a pulse on team engagement to boost retention
Brandon Dietrich
Treveri Cellars logo, transparent .png

"The [shift] feedback tool is so useful for us and makes sure we are keeping positivity on the floor. This in turn brings more tips to the team and helps us keep our amazing service levels."

Brandon Dietrich

Manager, Treveri Cellars

Colleen's Kitchen logo, circular black

"Since using 7shifts we have been able to maximize performance and labor. We have a stronger team communication, and it is a great way to get feedback from staff!"

Charlotte Burdette

Manager at Colleen's Kitchen

ben torres 2
Menagerie logo, transparent

"7shifts has enabled our team to communicate and organize quickly. Everyone can feel heard, motivated, and effective, we just can't say enough about it!"

Ben Torres

Director of Operations, Menagerie Hospitality

Happier staff. Less turnover. Win-win.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about 7shifts Team Engagement

  • Employee engagement software shows your staff that you care about their experience and want to make improvements. It gives you the tools to collect feedback, keep an open line of communication, and track performance over time.


    Team communication shouldn’t only be one way. Employee engagement software gives you and your staff the ability to stay in touch between shifts and feel unified as an organization.

  • There are many benefits to using 7shifts employee engagement software! It gives you a dashboard to monitor team performance and benchmarks, it allows you to send shift surveys to make sure things are running smoothly, and it gives you a convenient mobile app where you can share announcements and your team can celebrate wins.

    Best of all, 7shifts employee engagement software is part of the 7shifts platform, so you don’t need to pay for other tools to schedule shifts, have employees punch in, tip out your staff or run payroll. You can find them all under one roof.

  • 88% of teams using the 7shifts employee engagement platform report improved team morale, retention, or performance. Restaurants see increased productivity when employees feel motivated and valued – part of a work culture where they are given tools to improve the organization together.