Restaurant Tip Pooling Software

Tip pooling and distribution, simplified.

Tip payouts done right, every time. Save time with easy tip pool creation and calculations.

Dashboard for setting up tip pooling software for restaurants.Dashboard for setting up tip pooling software for restaurants.
Restaurant team and employees using 7shifts software.Restaurant team and employees using 7shifts software.

Tip payouts done right, every time. Save time with easy tip pool creation and calculations.

Restaurants that use 7shifts for tip pooling
save up to 8 hours per week of manager time

Create custom tip pools that fit your teams’ needs

Our simple rule creator lets you create as many pools as your restaurant needs in under a minute. You’re in control of where the tips are coming from, which roles receive from the pool, and how distribution is calculated.
Adding contributors to the tip pool in 7shifts.Adding contributors to the tip pool in 7shifts.
Tip pooling reports for restaurantsTip pooling reports for restaurants

Save time and effort with automated tip calculations

Stop cross-referencing reports from different systems or manually pulling tip data every week. Combine your custom tip rules with the data from your POS or 7punches to automatically calculate tip distribution.
Daniela Perallon | OwnerDaniela Perallon | Owner
Daniela Perallon
"Before [7shifts tip pooling] it was a time-consuming, stressful, and unnecessary task, so the tip pool [feature] has saved time and mental energy. As a business owner, it’s mostly the mental energy you’re using. I could type in hours incorrectly or forget to take hours out., which happened a couple of times. It takes away my user error because 7shifts is doing all the work for us."

Reduce errors by sending tips directly
to payroll

Constantly double checking and fixing tip payout errors? Remove human error from the equation. Send your tips directly to your payroll provider with our integrations and exports.
7shifts integrations with restaurant technology7shifts integrations with restaurant technology
7shifts Tip Payouts beta mobile product screen7shifts Tip Payouts beta mobile product screen

Instant Tip Payouts for employees

No cash, no bank runs, and no difficult record keeping. Paying out tips in cash is a huge burden for restaurant managers, especially when most of your transactions are coming from credit cards. Our Tip Payout product lets you send daily tips with 1-click to your employees. It seamlessly moves tips from your bank account directly to your team's accounts in 20 seconds.


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Why choose 7shifts, easy and integrated tip pooling software for your restaurant?

Pay out tips with simple tip pooling and distribution software, built for restaurants. Create the tip pools you need and make tip payouts more accurate. You can tip out with confidence, whether you have one employee or hundreds. You can ensure consistency & reduction of errors which in turn leads to happier staff! 7shifts tip pooling calculator integrates with payroll providers to save you time.