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7shifts and SabreTooth Technologies (via Delaget) Integration: Automatic sales projections, sales reporting, and more

SabreTooth Technologies is an independent, privately owned software systems and support business. The company was originally formed in 1988 to sell and support customized software solutions for the quick service market.

Today, our main focus is a strict dedication to developing the optimal business applications software for the hospitality industry. We support this explicit objective by providing custom implementation, integration, training, and maintenance/support services to this exciting market.  

Our products handle application business needs for restaurant level operations and corporate headquarters.  Several major concepts, franchisees, and business owners have participated in the design and testing of these products. These technology solutions have been marketed nationally since the early 1990s and have now become one of the top systems available in the industry.

The functionality and flexibility of our applications represent effective solutions for the multi-concept, large unit operation as well as the single restaurant situation. Our products and services are designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution with complimentary support services.