Why choose 7shifts over HotSchedules
for your labor management solution?

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If you want to easily build schedules, optimize your labor costs and better engage your staff at a fraction of the cost, then join over 300,000 restaurant pros using 7shifts today. Restaurants see an average 1 - 3% drop in labor costs, saving them thousands in labor every month, when they’re using 7shifts—which only costs them $0 - 70 a month. This is just one of the reasons why 7shifts averages 4.7 / 5 stars on Capterra—read more about how you can succeed with 7shifts below.

The top reasons why restaurants switch from HotSchedules to 7shifts​

Based on feedback from restaurants who have used both platforms, here are the major differences between the two platforms.

Transparent, scalable
pricing that makes sense

7shifts pricing is transparent and scalable to suit restaurants of all sizes. There are no setup fees. There are no employee app fees. There are no contracts to be locked into and you can cancel your 7shifts subscription at any time.

HotSchedules pricing is not transparent, and you will not know how much you will be paying until you receive a quote, which may include one-time professional service fees.

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Get hands-on, friendly
support whenever you need it

With 7shifts’ unlimited employee support, you can devote more time to growing your business and less time trouble-shooting your labor management platform. Our friendly support team is only a chat, email, or phone call away, and is dedicated to helping you resolve your issues fast. By comparison, HotSchedules support only allows phone support for emergencies and support requests and "non-critical" support requests have a target resolution time of 12 weeks.

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Don’t make your staff pay
for an app

Keep your staff engaged and empowered with our 100% free mobile app for iOS and Android where they can manage their schedule, availability, request time off, and receive important announcements. On the other hand, the HotSchedules mobile apps for staff cost $3 to download. That could mean that particular staff will not (or can not) pay for the app and will not have access to their shifts which will result in less accountability, and less buy-in for a new labor management tool.

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Actively monitor engagement
to reduce turnover

With proactive statistics on your employee’s engagement—such as lates, no shows, sicks, and picked up shifts—you can stay ahead of your employee’s engagement and nip turnover in the bud. Engagement statistics, shift feedback, and more are displayed in the Manager Log Book, the customizable dashboard to keep your managers in-sync.

By comparison, HotSchedules does not track engagement activities of your team and will only provide feedback directly from employees at the end of shifts.

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Access the labor-saving
benefits of POS integrations
—for free

7shifts provides powerful, free integrations for many of the industry’s leading POS and payroll systems. The integration will pull in your sales and labor data to help you make better, money-saving scheduling decisions. By comparison, HotSchedules charges restaurants hefty fees to integrate your POS of choice.

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Discover the tools your restaurant will unlock
with your labor management platform 👇


Scheduling and forcastlng tools

Simple, transparent, and scalable pricing

No setup fees

POS Integrations

Free mobile apps for staff

Support that is there for you and quick to respond

Employee engage dashboard

Manager Log Book

Time clocking software

Automatic Shift Reminders


Account Activity Log

Feature comparisons were compiled based on publicly available information as of April, 2020.

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"We had Hotschedules for over a year and we decided to switch to 7shifts. 1) 7shifts integrates with our POS System Toast so we can finally can see our labor % in relation to sales in real time. 2) 7shifts is very user friendly 3) Plus, it’s also cheaper than our previous platform. No brainer!"

Hengam Stanfield, Schertz, TX

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"7shifts not only was easy for our management staff to adjust to after being with Hotschedules for years but they also do not charge our employees for the app. Its a win win, staff and management approved."

Dana Curley, Austin, TX

Numbers don’t lie. How real restaurateurs compare 7shifts and HotSchedules


9.6/10 Based on 7 reviews

7.7/10 Based on 226 reviews

4.7/5 Based on 425 reviews

4.4/5 Based on 375 reviews

4.6/5 Based on 425 reviews

4.2/5 Based on 379 reviews

What the restaurant industry says about 7shifts

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