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Open Positions

Position Location
Account Manager Saskatoon
BDR: Business Development Representative Toronto
Graphic Designer Saskatoon
Head of Partnerships Saskatoon/Toronto
Outbound Account Executive Toronto
SDR: Sales Development Representative Toronto
Senior Software Developer Saskatoon
UI/UX Product Designer Saskatoon

What we do

We’re a startup working on a sole mission: to help restaurant managers organize and evaluate their workforce. Last year, we raised a round of seed funding from investors in Silicon Valley and Saskatchewan to tackle employee scheduling in the restaurant industry. We work with multi-national restaurant brands to help them reinvent the way staff are scheduled and communicated with. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We see scheduling as a gateway to the underlying and exciting problems we’re going to be solving in the restaurant industry.

We’re as transparent as you can be for a startup. Everyone on the team is exposed to our company goals and sales metrics. We have an OCD attention to detail when it comes to building our product, but that’s just because we’re incredibly passionate about what we’re doing.


We’re community builders

Although we’re primarily funded by great folks in Silicon Valley, we are firm believers of growing a big tech company here in Canada (and Saskatchewan!). To do this, we’re active in bringing the community together around great speakers that we can all learn from. These speakers are flown in as part of our 7shifts Speaker Series. Past speakers range from CTO’s of large tech companies all the way to software engineers flown in from Shopify’s headquarters.


Who we look for

We look for folks that:

  1. Care about solving real problems and making an impact on the restaurant industry.
  2. Are team players and can also work well on their own.
  3. Take initiative and can execute their ideas.
  4. Have a high attention to detail.
  5. Are comfortable with giving and taking criticism.
  6. Get excited about working towards a long-term vision.

If you shouted “Yup – check.” while reading through the list above, then check out one of our positions above!