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Hello! We're the team behind 7shifts.

Our mission is to help restaurant managers schedule & evaluate their workforce.

...we're also 21% beard.

  • Andrée Carpentier

    Operations & Client Success
  • Johannes Lindenbaum

    Mobile Lead
  • Jordan Boesch

  • Allison McMillan

  • Martina Nagy

    Software Developer
  • Ryan Padget

    Senior Software Developer
  • Krystian Olszanski

    Lead Software Developer
  • Dustin Weeres

    Lead Designer
  • Nick Day

    Account Executive
  • Stacey Lawrence

    Client Success Manager
  • Rhett Stinson

    Senior iOS Developer
  • Raul Chedrese

    Software Developer
  • Elden Dutton

    Client Success
  • Jay Nauta

    Product Specialist
  • Matthew Palsich

    Android Developer
  • Darren Keyes

  • Chris de Jong

  • Rebecca Jordan

    Office Manager
  • James Simandl

    Product Specialist
  • Evan Taylor

    Software Developer
  • Justin Lutzko

    Junior Developer
  • Kyle Gunderson

    Product Manager
  • Andrew Boyle

    Business Development
  • Kelsey Dawes

    Software Developer
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Our Story

When I first started 7shifts, I had one goal in mind - to make scheduling easier for my dad who owned a few Quiznos franchises back in 2006. I was 19 years old at the time and decided to build the first iteration of what is now 7shifts.

Over the years, I worked on 7shifts during my spare time while going to school in Ottawa (Canada) and working a full-time job as a web developer. I kept chipping away at it - little by little, because I loved solving real-world problems with intuitive software and I knew a lot of restaurants were facing scheduling and employee management problems.

It wasn't until the summer of 2013 that I was able to start working on 7shifts full-time. I had bootstrapped 7shifts with my own cash and man-hours to a point where it was making enough to pay for one employee - myself.

In November 2013, I convinced Johannes and Andrée to leave their jobs and join 7shifts. They were excited about changing scheduling in an industry long overdue for an overhaul. Currently, Johannes was (and still is) leading the mobile side of 7shifts, along-side Andrée who focuses on client support and operations.

In February 2014, our team raised a small angel round of funding in the valley to help propel 7shifts forward. We then went back to Canada to setup office in our hometown, Regina, Saskatchewan (now located in Saskatoon @ 300-155 2nd Ave S).

In January, 2015 we hired our fourth team member. Since then, we've grown dramatically and in May, 2016 we closed a 1.2 million dollar seed round of financing to fuel our growth.

Most of us have worked in the restaurant industry, so as you can imagine, solving scheduling and communication headaches is something we care a lot about.

We know we've got a long road ahead of us, but trust me when I say, we're 100% committed to making scheduling and communication better for all restaurant workers.

-- Jordan Boesch

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