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  • Andrée Carpentier
    VP Operations
  • Johannes Lindenbaum
    VP Engineering
  • Jordan Boesch
  • Allison McMillan
    VP Finance
  • Ryan Padget
    Tech Lead
  • Dustin Weeres
    Lead Designer
  • Rhett Stinson
    Senior iOS Developer
  • Stacey Lawrence
    Sales Operations Manager
  • Martina Nagy
    Software Developer
  • Raul Chedrese
    Tech Lead
  • Elden Dutton
    Client Success Team Lead
  • Matthew Palsich
    Android Developer
  • Chris de Jong
    Director of Marketing
  • Rebecca Jordan
    Office Manager
  • James Simandl
    Product Specialist
  • Kyle Gunderson
    Product Manager
  • Evan Taylor
    Software Developer
  • Justin Lutzko
    Software Developer
  • Kelsey Dawes
    Software Developer
  • Lazaro Reiche
    Product Specialist
  • Ken Slawinski
    Software Developer
  • Shawn Dempsey
    Web Developer
  • Bethel Hailu
    Junior Software Developer
  • Shelby Thomson
    Software Developer Intern
  • Emily Brazill
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Mark Baglole
    Sales Operations
  • Dan Stumph
    Product Lead
  • George Nyame
    iOS Developer
  • Jeff Pereyma
    Android Developer
  • Mathew Artemenko
    Software Developer
  • Sufiyan Samnani
    Client Success Representative
  • Daniella Bellaire
    Director of Sales
  • Brandon Tendeck
    UI/UX Designer
  • Kim Warner
    Content Strategist
  • Mike Loubardeas
    Client Success Representative
  • Drew Larson
    Software Developer
  • McKenzie Hamp
    People & Culture Manager
  • Brent Beatty
    Junior Product Manager
  • Jesse Evans
    Client Success Manager
  • Kris Booth
    Web Developer
  • Bobby Kliori
    Sales Development Representative
  • Aron Bariagabre
    Business Development Representative
  • Jeremy Ruten
    Junior Software Developer
  • Tushita Patel
    Junior Software Developer
  • Rafael Pavlovic
    Account Manager
  • Allister Warren
    Business Development Representative
  • Dakoda Larlham
    Software Developer
  • Hailey Mysko
    Sales Development Representative
  • Francisco Oltra
    Software Developer
  • Kelly Bonneau
    Accounting Manager
  • Akshay Chauhan
    UI/UX Designer
  • Natasha Hnidy
    Product Manager
  • Mason Lopez
    Sales Enablement Analyst Intern
  • Cory Jacobsen
    Software Developer
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  • Alex Baker
    Relay Ventures
  • Darren Keyes
    VP Operations @ Fuse
    (acq. by Upsight)
  • Jim Lipuma
    CRO @
    SVP Revenue @ AOL/Patch
Some call these values, we refer to them as oxygen. We live by these core traits.
  • Be curious
    You gravitate to asking questions when you need clarification. You treat assumptions as your worst enemy.
  • Share your learnings
    You understand that learning never stops, and that spreading knowledge is the best way to move efficiently as a team.
  • Change the engine mid-flight
    You do more than just talk about how to change a jet engine, you get in there and do it without excuses.
  • Default to trust
    You default to trusting members on your team, by first showing them that they can trust you.
  • Be solution-driven
    You approach every-day problems by presenting potential solutions that inspire team collaboration.
  • Be a garbage (wo)man
    You don't let your ego get in the way of jumping into lower-level tasks. You get done what needs to get done without needing praise.

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