Pizzeria Employee Scheduling Software

Easy employee scheduling
for your pizzeria

Spend more time making amazing pizza and less time working on employee scheduling. Build better schedules for your pizzeria.

Friends enjoying pizza and wine at a modern pizzeria.Friends enjoying pizza and wine at a modern pizzeria.

Spend more time making amazing pizza and less time working on employee scheduling. Build better schedules for your pizzeria.

Chef preparing a pizza in the kitchen.Chef preparing a pizza in the kitchen.

Save your pizzeria time and money

Right behind the your primary cost (pizza) is the second-most controllable pizzeria cost: labor. Whether you’re a small by-the-slice shop, or a national pizza chain, 7shifts restaurant scheduling software makes it easy to control and reduce your labor cost. Say hello to better employee schedules, team communication, and pizzeria performance reporting.

Put pen and paper in the past with 7shifts’ robust restaurant scheduling software, time-clocking, advanced reporting, and more. Use the free mobile app to improve manager productivity and empower employees with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests – all from their smartphones.

Simplify life at your pizzeria with 7shifts.

Create the perfect schedule in minutes

Here’s how to do it.

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Set up your restaurant
Create a free 7shifts account in seconds. Get instant access to your scheduling dashboard.
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Create a schedule
Add employees and shifts in just a few clicks. Your first schedule is ready in minutes!
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Click to publish
Publish your new schedule. Automatically notify employees. Make changes on the fly.

Your restaurant team communication app

Send real-time messages to team members, departments, or your whole team. Easily create group chats, find coverage, or send attachments. Send one-way announcements with read receipts to ensure your most important messages are received.
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Keep a pulse on your operations and your people

Keep notes, add shift details and create follow up tasks for other managers. Customize to your needs - add categories to track what's important for your team. Easily accessible from anywhere.
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Custom Document Upload and Acknowledgement

Customize your onboarding package by uploading a document for your employees to acknowledge. This can include the company handbook, company policies, and more.
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Grow your business

With schedules built, labor costs managed, and staff engaged, you can focus on the things that matter—making pizza and growing your business.

Devote more time to expanding your team, diversifying your menu, and adding new locations to your operations to stand out from the big pizza chains. With unlimited employee and location support, 7shifts is here to scale with you all the way.

If you ever need a hand, our support team is only a chat, email, or phone call away.

Pizzeria interior with all of the tables set and ready for service. Pizzeria interior with all of the tables set and ready for service.

Super-charge your scheduling with the power of your POS

Integrate your schedule with dozens of the leading restaurant POS systems to create sales forecasts and more accurate schedules.
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Chris Beard | OwnerChris Beard | Owner
Mike Bausch | OwnerMike Bausch | Owner
Chris Beard
"Having used the other “top” scheduling software... this is simply the best, for value, customer service and product features"
Mike Bausch
"If you're a restaurant professional, this is a mandate. If this is a hobby for you, by all means, use something else. Use Excel, use post-it notes if you write it down. But if you're a professional and this is your career and your actual goal is to earn profit for your business, then there's no viable solution or anything that would make sense other than this, there just isn't."

Start saving your pizzeria time and money