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Why 7shifts offers the best employee scheduling solution
to save your restaurant time and money

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You need more than a simple scheduler

You need more than a simple scheduler—you need a labor management tool that saves your restaurant time, engages and retains your employees, and actively lowers your labor costs. Introducing 7shifts—the perfect scheduling and labor management solution to do just that.

Better scheduling — built for restaurants of all sizes

7shifts saves managers and operators 80% of time spent scheduling at a fraction of the PUSH OPERATIONS cost. 7shifts offers feature-based pricing, which means whether you’ve got 10 or 100 staff on your schedule, you pay the same—ideal for every restaurant type from a 365 to seasonal operators. You don’t have to take us at our word either—restaurants can try life with 7shifts with a 14-day free trial—no credit card, no commitment, no risk.


With 7shifts, you get valuable hours back in your week, and thousands of dollars back in your bank.

What sets 7shifts apart from PUSH OPERATIONS? Get the facts that matter.

Small restaurants schedule for free

7shifts offers a completely free plan to restaurants with under ten employees. We’re empowering local restaurants to scale their business and effectively manage their employees without worrying about costly scheduling software.
*PUSH OPERATIONS does not offer a free plan

Free trial—no strings attached

7shifts offers a free trial for restaurants to build schedules, message their team, and track their performance—without the risk. Get up to 28 days of 7shifts for free to see how your managers and employees like easier scheduling, better communication, and more.
*PUSH OPERATIONS does not offer a free trial

Free POS integrations

Leverage the power of your POS to build labor-perfect schedules by syncing real-time sales and labor data to 7shifts. We integrate with dozens of industry-leading POS systems including Toast, Touchbistro, Upserve, Square, and more. 7shifts clients that integrate their POS see labor cost reduction of up to 3%—saving thousands per month!
*PUSH OPERATIONS only supports select POS integrations

Engage and retain your staff

7shifts provides a variety of features to engage and retain your restaurant staff—including insights on employee engagement, built-in chat, and automated feedback surveys. Track your staff engagement at a glance with statistics like lates, no shows, sick time, and more. Easily identify your most and least-engaged staff from our team leaderboard to provide the attention and training needed to retain your team and avoid costly turnover.
*PUSH OPERATIONS does not offer employee engagement features.

Feature comparison breakdown



Time-off and availability requests

Shift trading

Training videos and articles

Phone, chat, and email support

Manager Log Book

Integrated time clocking

POS Integrations

Free mobile app

Freemium version

Free trial

1-on-1 and group direct messaging

Shift Reminders

Custom breaks

Manager dashboard

Fair workweek scheduling

Shift feedback

Employee engagement statistics

Feature comparisons were compiled based on publicly available information as of June, 2019.

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"With 7shifts, I can communicate easily to staff every day, including important things that I need my managers to be on top of. I cross-reference my schedule to the time-punches and check the Manager Log Book. I'm in 7shifts daily"

Rachel Westelaken, Impact Kitchen

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"We were using [another system] prior to signing up with 7shifts and have found everything about 7shifts so much easier to use. The interface is much more user friendly and easier to read, you have many more options for reporting, and most importantly, my management staff gets a better understanding of their labour costs while they're actually putting together the schedule due to the nifty 'Weekly Budget Tool.'"

Kathleen Shattock, Wilder & Rose

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