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Which is the better
employee scheduling software for your restaurant?

Your choice of a scheduling & labor management solution will have a major impact on your restaurants’ bottom line. If you are considering When I Work and 7shifts here is what you need to know so you can make the right decision for your business, your bottom line and your staff.

What sets 7shifts apart from When I Work? Get the facts that matter.

Based on our research and feedback from restaurants who have used both platforms, here are the major differences.

Manager log book

7shifts helps you monitor your daily operations with a customizable log book that keeps daily notes, important shift details, and follow-up tasks together. When I Work does not include a manger log book, so you’ll need to check paper notes, emails and text messages yourself.

Dedicated account manager

Your 7shifts dedicated account manager is always available to answer any questions, offer advice, share best practices, and to work with you to ensure your needs get met. With When I Work, once you’ve paid, you’re on your own to figure things out by yourself.

Activity and audit log

With 7shifts you always know who has made edits or changes to the schedule or approved / denied requests. When I Work does not offer schedule logging functionality, which means restaurant managers are left in the dark when changes are made and by whom.

Free POS integrations

7shifts provides powerful, free integrations for many of the industry’s leading POS systems including Toast, Touchbistro, Upserve, Square and more. By comparison, When I Work does not support free POS integrations, which means additional monthly fees that you’ll have to pay.

When I Work

Automatic shift reminders

Integrated time clocking

Free mobile communication apps

Overtime alerts

Free POS integrations

Manager log book

Account and audit activity log


Language support (French & Spanish)

Dedicated account manager

Feature comparisons were compiled based on publicly available information as of August, 2018.

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"This product is awesome! I love how it works with my CAKE point of sale system. The customer service has been nothing but awesome when I have questions. My employees love that they can check the schedule whenever and wherever they are from their phones. I like that it notifies each employee an hour before their shift and I don't have to worry about "forgotten" shifts. I will definitely continue to work with 7shifts!"

Lisa Gilbertson, Seeley Lake, MO

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