7shifts Passthrough Fees

Last updated: Nov. 28th, 2022

All fees listed are in US Dollars and include transaction fee costs.



Invalid Employer EIN, including “Applied For” (per EIN, per month)

$5.15 + $10.30 one-time re-collection fee

Failed Employee account validation or payment, including Notification of Change (per Employee)


Funding of payroll via wire by Employer (per wire)


Attempted reversal of payroll payment to Employee (whether successful or not (per Employee))


Untimely tax filing where delay is due to no fault of 7shifts or its service providers (per filing)


Payroll funding return fee for unsuccessful funds transfer from Employer, inclusive of wire fees (per return)


Tax returns filed for Employers no longer using the 7shifts Payroll Service (per filing)


Amended tax returns (per return; first amendment for each Employer is complimentary)


Proof of Debit Card Payment Inquiry (per inquiry)


Proof of Debit Card Payment Evidence (per request)


Clawback of Debit Card Processing (weather successful or not (per chargeback))


Tip Disbursement return fee for unsuccessful ACH funds transfer from Employer (per return)


Tip Disbursement ACH Notification of Change (NOC) Fee (per ACH NOC)


Tip Disbursement Wire Fee