Building labor-perfect schedules—without the work

Here’s how the 7shifts auto-scheduler lets your restaurant automate scheduling and ensure labor targets are hit.

Automatically build schedules to match demand

Labor costs, being one of the most flexible costs in the restaurant business, can make or break your margins. Don’t leave profitability up to chance—use an AI-driven schedule builder to create staff schedules for your restaurant based on demand that is accurately forecast.

Set your optimal labor targets

Factor in conditions without having to remember all of them

With an automated schedule creator, you can let the system do the heavy lifting of creating schedules that juggle labor costs, time off and availability, sales forecasts, overtime, labor compliance, and even staff preferences. Everything is automatically taken into consideration to create schedules that work for the whol;e team—and your budget.

Don’t put your brand at risk—advanced labor compliance features will let your managers know whenever there’s a potential violation of local labor laws and prompt them to change the schedule to avoid any fees. Stay on top of what violations have been made and when by generating a labor exception report to see the exception and any associated fees.

Set your optimal labor targets

Ensure consistency in scheduling practices across locations

Scheduling practices and labor costs will stay consistent across all of your stores when you leave scheduling in the hands of a smart, AI-driven system. Keep your labor costs well within your targets, your teams happy, and your managers free to focus on other aspects of the business.

Set your optimal labor targets

Keep everyone in the loop on labor performance

Once a fresh schedule is approved by management, they can be instantly published to staff through SMS text, push notification, or email. With Enterprise Dashboard for corporate, and the Manager Dashboard for your General Managers, your whole team can track exactly how the schedules are working to meet your labor cost targets.

Set your optimal labor targets

How the Auto-Scheduler Builds Your Perfect Schedule

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1 Set your optimal
labor targets

Enter your desired labor target percentage for each department to ensure your schedules hit your labor targets every time.

Set your optimal labor targets
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2 Let the auto-scheduler learn

By analyzing your restaurant’s past schedules, the scheduler will learn shift patterns and match the best employees to the required shifts in order to create your schedules. Matching assigns employees to shifts based on who they work best with, their availability, and skill level.

Shift patterns are learned
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3 Sales and weather are

Every schedule is different based on the weather and your sales projections—so the sales and weather are both forecasted with 95% accuracy to determine labor requirements for the coming week. Historical weather data and seasonality are also factored in to ensure that you have proper staffing, rain or shine!

Sales are (accurately) forecast
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4Schedules are optimized for compliance

Once a preliminary schedule has been built, it will be optimized for staff availability, time-off, overtime, labor regulations, and along with business seasonality. Your schedule will automatically adjust to avoid violations of regional labor laws—such as split shifts, right to rest, or clopens. Additionally, shifts will be balanced to avoid any employees going into overtime through the week—and costing you more in labor than you have budgeted.

Demand signals are applied
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5Your perfect
schedule is ready!

The perfect, labor-optimal schedule is ready for you to review and publish to your staff—and you’ve gotten hours of admin time back into your week.

Your perfect schedule is created!

The world’s best restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce labor costs.

Trusted by 500,000+ restaurant pros around the world

The robust auto-scheduler for restaurants 👇

Restaurant admins and operators can now save time and headaches by creating the perfect schedule at the click of a button with 7shifts’ Auto-Scheduler. With schedules automatically built, the stress of shift management and labor cost control is taken off your shoulders, and you can get back to your staff and guests.

Schedules are created and optimized using machine learning algorithms, meaning the automatically created schedules improve over time as the software learns your scheduling habits, staff member pairings, shift lengths, and more intricacies of your restaurant.

Automated scheduling software can also handle the complexities of availability, labor law compliance, and holiday time—and remove the risk of human error with schedule creation.

Auto-Scheduler will create schedules with 95% labor accuracy in one click—ensuring labor targets are met, employee preferences are considered, and your restaurant is optimally staffed at all times.

What is an automatic scheduler?

An automatic scheduler is sophisticated software that builds staff schedules that meet all of your business needs. A proper automated scheduler, like 7shifts, should take into consideration your labor cost target range, time-off and availability, local labor laws, sales projections, weather forecasts, and business seasonality. By filtering through this information and matching your employees to shifts appropriate for their preference and skill level, the automated scheduling system will provide you with a perfect schedule for the week.

The 7shifts auto scheduling software creates scheduled for restaurants with 95% labor accuracy in one click—ensuring that your labor targets are met, your employees are happy, and your restaurant is optimally staffed at all times.

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