How Auto-Scheduler creates perfect restaurant schedules:

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1 Set your optimal
labor targets

Enter your desired labor targets percentages for each department in your restaurant.

Set your optimal labor targets
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2 Shift patterns are learned and employees are matched

Our industry-leading machine learning algorithms analyze your past schedules to learn where you performed best on labor and why. We then use pattern matching to match the best employees to work those shifts based on who they work best with, their availability, skill level and preference.

Shift patterns are learned
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3 Sales and weather are
accurately forecasted

Your future sales are forecasted with 95% accuracy to determine labor requirements for the coming week. Historical weather data and seasonality are also factored in to ensure that you have proper staffing, rain or shine!

Sales are (accurately) forecast
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4Adjust for
scheduling restrictions

Schedules are optimized for staff availability, time-off, preferred hours, overtime, and labor regulations, along with business seasonality.

Demand signals are applied
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5Your perfect
schedule is created!

Auto-scheduler creates your perfect, labor-optimal schedule in a single click, saving you time and ensuring labor accuracy.

Your perfect schedule is created!

Automate your staff scheduling and labor cost control to
save time, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

With Auto-Scheduler you can:

Standardize your labor rules across locations

Auto-Scheduler helps ensure all locations under your brand are given the tools to schedule in the same, predictable manner.

Make adjustments for one-off events

Adjust your sales forecast based on events that may be happening around your restaurant that will be reflected in your created schedules.

Account for business seasonality

Advanced forecasting algorithms takes into account your business seasonality to produce forecasts that are more accurate than your local weatherman.

Get real-time coverage alerts

Managers receive real-time alerts to ensuring proper staffing levels and labor adherence

Visualize your labor performance

The optimal labor graph provides an easy visual representation of how closely you are scheduling to your labor goals.

Ensure labor compliance

Scheduling conflicts, overtime, and compliance issues are noted on the schedule to ensure legally-compliant schedules every time.

The world’s best restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce labor costs.

Trusted by 250,000+ restaurant pros around the world

The robust auto-scheduler for restaurants

Restaurant admins and operators can now save time and headaches by creating the perfect schedule at the click of a button with 7shifts’ Auto-Scheduler. Using an auto schedule maker in your restaurant takes the stress of shift management and labor cost control off your shoulders, and allows your management to focus on employees and guests.

Schedules are created and optimized using machine learning algorithms, meaning the automatically created schedules improve over time as the software learns your scheduling habits, staff member pairings, shift lengths, and more intricacies of your restaurant.

Automated scheduling software can also handle the complexities of availability, labor law compliance, and holiday time—and remove the risk of human error with schedule creation.


Auto-Scheduler will create schedules with 95% labor accuracy in one click—ensuring labor targets are met, employee preferences are considered, and your restaurant is optimally staffed at all times.

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