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The U.S. beer market consists of nearly 7,000 small and independent craft breweries—and many of the new startups focus on a taproom-style business model, meaning higher revenue. Yet, brewery owners need to keep their schedule in check to ensure optimal labor cost to capitalize on taproom revenue gains. 7shifts makes it easy to build & manage your employee schedule, communicate with your team, and better manage your labor costs.

Put pen and paper in the past with 7shifts’ robust brewery scheduling software, time-clocking, advanced reporting, and more. Use the free mobile app to improve manager productivity and empower employees with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests – all from their smartphones.

With 7shifts, your business will spend 80% less time scheduling your staff, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and more time growing your business.

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Build your staff schedules in a few clicks

If you're one of the breweries taking the taproom, direct-to-consumer approach for the higher margins, you need to stay on top of your scheduling. Scheduling for both the taproom, brewery, and even any in-house events is simple with our drag-and-drop schedule builder that lets you schedule by role and department. Once the schedule is built, publish it directly to your staff’s mobile device so they always know when they’re working.

YSave your time and money to pour back into the business.

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Stay connected with staff

Keep your staff from taproom to brewery in-sync with built-in communication tools. Easily share photos, beer GIFs, and text in private messages, or update the whole team with Announcements.

Stay on top of employee engagement with lates and no shows, a leaderboard of employee engagement, and automated feedback surveys to keep a pulse on team satisfaction.

Plus, take communication 'to go' with the free mobile apps for your employees and managers.

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Optimize your labor operations

Know exactly how many staff you'll need in the taproom by integrating your POS to schedule based on projected sales. Review detailed sales and labor reports to identify trends and optimize your operations.

Protect your thin margins, avoid over- and under-staffing, and build a happier, more profitable brewery.

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Grow your business

With your labor costs in check, staff engaged, and schedule managed, you can focus on the things that matter—brewing beer and growing your business.

With the imense time savings, you can devote more attention to planning new locations. With unlimited employee and location support, 7shifts is here to scale with you all the way.

If you ever need a hand, our support team is only a chat, email, or phone call away.

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Dozens of powerful, supported integrations

Select your POS and Payroll system from 7shifts' 20+ integrations to create labor-perfect schedules and simplify your management by making better use of the systems you already know and trust.

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"This software has made my life so much easier. I am one of a few out there that enjoys building schedules and overthinks every single aspect of it. With that being said, I spent hours analyzing all the details of each individuals schedules and pride myself for never missing request off. 7shifts has made the process a lot simpler, faster and efficient and saved me at least 3 hours a week."

Diana Yap, General Manager

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"We love 7shifts! It has saved me time in my weekly schedule for over 50 people. My employees love it also."

Kirsten Schoenberg, Leinugugel Brewing Co.