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Save your shop time and money

Your coffee shop needs to be properly staffed for all hours of the day—from the morning pre-work rush, to the evening lull. Finding the perfect scheduling balance for your coffee shop will make (or break) your success! Whether you’re a mom-and-pop coffee shop, or a national chain, 7shifts makes it easy to build & manage your employee schedule, communicate with your team, and better manage your labor costs.

Put pen and paper in the past with 7shifts’ robust restaurant scheduling software, time-clocking, advanced reporting, and more. Use the free mobile app to improve manager productivity and empower employees with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests – all from their smartphones.

Simplify life at your coffee shop with 7shifts.

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Build perfect schedules in a few clicks

Most coffee shops have fewer than 50 employees—but every employee has unique availability and time-off needs to consider when scheduling. Make scheduling simple with our drag-and-drop tool that factors in availability, overtime, and local labor laws. When your schedule is built, publish directly to staff through their mobile device so they always know when they'rer working.

You'll spend less time manually building schedules and more time focusing on your business.

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Connect with your team

Shifts don't always overlap, so how do you communicate with your team outside of the workplace? With built-in chats and Announceements, you can keep your whol team connected. Share coffee photos, GIFs, and company updates through direct messages or company Announcements.

Stay on top of mployee engagement and accountability with real-time statisttics likees lates and no shows, and keep an eye on team satisfaction with automated surveys.

Keep communication fast and professional with the free mobile apps for your employees and managers.

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Optimize labor operations

Integrate the POS your coffee shop uses to track variances in sales and labor to make smarter business decisions that lower labor costs. Guide your scheduling with the weekly labor budget tool, eliminate any unbudgeted labor hours with schedule enforcement, and get detailed reports to identify trends and optimize your operations.

Use engagement insights and automated feedback from staff to improve staff satisfaction and productivity.

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Grow your coffee shop

With your labor costs in check, staff engaged, and coffee shop schedule managed, you can focus on the things that matter—serving coffee and growing your business.

Devote more time to expanding your team and adding new coffee shop locations to your operations. With unlimited employee and location support, 7shifts is here to scale with you all the way.

If you ever need a hand, our support team is only a chat, email, or phone call away.

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Dozens of powerful, supported integrations

Select your POS and Payroll system from 7shifts' 20+ integrations to create labor-perfect schedules and simplify your management by making better use of the systems you already know and trust.

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"So far we absolutely love 7shifts! Of course at first it was a bit of a transition with anything but the more we get to know it the easier it becomes. It is so helpful that it integrates right with Toast so we can see actual real time sales and labor percentages. Before 7shifts we had a harder time identifying labor percentages. With 7shifts our managers have improved the way they schedule since it predicts sales for the schedule they are making. It makes switching shifts, getting shifts covered, entering in requests off, and availability with the baristas so much easier on the baristas and the managers. We also have dabbled a little bit with using the messaging and announcements and that works well. There are so many great aspects of 7shifts that can make everything so much easier, some of which we just haven’t explored enough of."

Jacqueline Soppe, Director of Operations

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"I looked at several different apps before I decided on 7shifts, bit it really was no contest. The price was right, and it was so user friendly. I have had little to no issue figuring the software out on my own. My employees love that they get notified as soon as the schedule is posted. It's so easy for them to change their availability and switch shifts. I love that I can accept or decline shifts being traded based on who is working."

Myndi Pergram, Manager