Dineen coffee testimonial

"7shifts helps streamline scheduling across all of our locations and provides our staff with an easy way to communicate with each other. We love that it integrates with our TouchBistro POS, which has helped our business manage and control our labor costs."

Bryan Osowiec, General Manager

Xi'an Famous Foods testimonial

"Before we used 7shifts, we definitely had a lot more headaches managing the schedule. Now, it’s sent and done and we are ready to do other things"

Jason Wang, Xi'an Famous Foods

Smoothie King

"In one month of using 7shifts, all three of my locations have dropped their labor by 5-7%. The three locations used to spend upwards of 25% total on labor. Now we are [at] 15% and below on labor spending."

Mackenzie Rautanen, Area Supervisor

Eva's Original Chimneys video testimonial

See how Eva's Original Chimneys uses 7shifts

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Full Service

Ottos Bierhalle testimonial

"The biggest benefit to being a 7shifts client is definitel efficiency and simplicity. 7shifts has a simple vibe and easy functionality. People catch on quickly."

Konrad Droeske, Ottos's Bierhalle

Revolu Taqueria testimonial

"7shifts makes less work for us to have to do. I can access it wherever - my house, the mall. It’s extremely user friendly."

Deena Gracia, Owner, Revolu Taqueria

Juvia testimonial

"7shifts is BAR NONE the best when it comes to customer support and I’m a hard, hard audience - I’ve worked with a lot of different software companies"

Suzy Vera, Human Resources Director

Boston Pizza video testimonial

See how Boston Pizza uses 7shifts

Victorias Tavern video testimonial

See how Victorias Tavern uses 7shifts

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Panera Bread testimonial
25+ locations

"Getting an accurate labor projection was hard on Excel, everyone’s wage is specific. With 7shifts we can get accurate labor projections - it’s really helped us in the planning process."

Jacob Chaney, District Manager, The Cain Holding Group

Chopped leaf testimonial
75+ locations

"We moved from WhenIWork over to 7shifts, it was very easy and the 7shifts team did all the migrating of data. Staff were up and running in no time and they love the messaging feature in 7shifts! I also like that you can offer up shifts for others to take directly from the mobile app."

Jenn Szoo, Chopped Leaf

Andy's testimonial
65+ locations

"7shifts has allowed us to allow our team to have a say in their schedule. It’s created a much better employee experience than a paper schedule."

Travis Leaming, Andy's Frozen Custard

Chopped Leaf video testimonial

See how Chopped Leaf uses 7shifts

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