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More than a scheduling app.
Your complete team management platform.

What 7shifts can do for you

Make (more) profitable decisions
• The insights you need to make the best team and operating decisions every day. Hit your labor targets with schedule enforcement, optimal labor tracking, and real-time reporting.
• 3000 Dollars saved annually in reduced labor costs.
Improve operating efficiency
• Get your operations in order and cut down on easy-to-avoid mistakes. Proactively manage compliance, run payroll with ease, and track tasks with digital checklists.
• 70% reduction in staff calls & texts.
Get their time back
• Spend more time creating great guest experiences. Easier scheduling, centralized communication, and automated tip calculations at your fingertips.
• 4 hours saved weekly on updating schedules.
Improve team retention
• The tools you need to help build strong teams. Keep a pulse on team engagement, sentiment, and satisfaction to reduce turnover.
• 13% reduction in staff turnover.
• Hire new staff faster with custom Onboarding features.
Restaurant server taking an order from customers

How restaurants use 7shifts to manage delivery demands

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