Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Take a quantitative approach to employee engagement

Track engagement at each location

Get a birds-eye view of your restaurant team’s engagement with aggregate statistics like lates, no shows, sick times, and dropped shifts. See your least- and most-engaged employees to identify where additional training and attention may be needed.

Monitor engagement trends over time

Monitor how workplace engagement changes week to week with historical location data—so you can start building a better restaurant culture for the future.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

Keep a finger on the pulse of employee satisfaction

Automate shift feedback from staff

Employees receive automated feedback surveys after every shift so you can quickly identify operational issues before they become problems. An overall shift feedback score is fed directly to management and is tracked over time—with the average shift score visible on the engage dashboard.

Uncover trends to improve workplace satisfaction

Feedback from staff is recorded and fed into your Manager Log Book so it can be easily searched by managers by ranking or comments. Use these employee insights to improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Monitor staff sentiment and satisfaction

Reduce staff turnover with proactive statistics

Identify your top performers

Instantly see which staff and managers are most reliable, most engaged, have the most dropped shifts, and are most often sick at each location with an intuitive Engagement Dashboard. Your managers will know at a glance who is engaged, and who is at risk of leaving.

Quickly discover and mitigate turnover risks

Employee turnover is costly for restaurants. Get a real-time look at your average employee tenure to keep an eye on your staff retention and turnover. Use employee insights to uncover which employees show the highest risk of churn so your team can provide the extra support, training, and attention needed to make them satisfied and engaged team members.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

Keep your restaurant team engaged—any time, anywhere.

Encourage your staff to be part of the conversation

Put communication in the palm of your staff’s hands with one-on-one and group messages through the free mobile app. Communicate with your staff from anywhere, encourage team bonding, share critical information, and keep everyone in sync.

Inform, update, and celebrate your team

Use team-wide Announcements to quickly and easily share important information with your entire team. Use images, GIFs, and text to update your team about company events, share new workplace policies, and even celebrate your team’s hard work.

Monitor staff sentiment and satisfaction

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The best employee engagement software for your restaurant

7shifts offers a variety of employee engagement tools to keep your staff engaged from hiring to retention and beyond. The 7shifts labor management software can double as an employee engagement app for restaurants when used in the right way—with feedback collection, communication, and more.

Keep a pulse on your team’s satisfaction with Shift Feedback, empowering your staff to provide feedback on their work experience after they clock-out. Feedback is archived, commentable, and searchable for managers to keep track of in the Manager Log Book.

Feedback scores are easily tracked and added to an overall shift feedback score for your restaurant to benchmark over time. Easily track employee feedback trends to identify areas you can improve your operations to improve employee retention.

Another huge piece of the engagement puzzle lies in team communication. Provide your staff with a private internal communication channel with 7shifts’ in-app chat, where employees can send GIFs, photos, emojis and more to both managers and co-workers. Putting communication directly into the scheduling app allows your staff to keep their personal contact and social profiles private, while still being empowered to manage their schedules, availability, and ultimately connect with their team in and outside of work.


Employees can also be kept in-the-loop with corporate and management through the one-way Announcement communication channel so they always know what to expect at the restaurant. Having a line for management to share company values and mission, plus highlight hard-working team members is a great way to foster a sense of community from the top-down.

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