Collect real-time engagement insights

Automate post-shift feedback collection

Staff receive prompts to provide feedback after their shifts automatically, with no manual work needed.

Sentiment analysis made simple

Forget parsing complex responses. Feedback from staff is recorded in simple metrics with optional comments.

Collect real-time engagement insights

Monitor staff sentiment and satisfaction

Collect and archive feedback to track trends

Feedback is archived and searchable by managers to track engagement trends and recurring issues.

Add feedback to daily logs

Staff feedback is automatically added to Manager Log Book entries to tie feedback to which manager was on duty.

Monitor staff sentiment and satisfaction

Identify opportunities to improve operations

Benchmark shift performance

All shift feedback feeds into an overall shift feedback score managers and operators can track and benchmark over time

Use feedback to lower turnover

Easily spot operations issues to increase staff happiness and reduce costly turnover.

Identify opportunities to improve operations

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Andy’s Frozen testimonial

"Engagement has increased and it really has a great effect on turnover rates,” Leaming says. “We feel like we have one of the lower rates in quick service at 28 percent, and that’s a bottom line saver."

Travis Leaming, Director of Store Operations

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