Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Track your entire restaurant operation in real time and provide the actionable intelligence needed to identify opportunities and increase labor profitability.

Get a birds-eye view of
organizational health

Get the oversight you need to monitor store health and profitability right at your fingertips. Track total sales, labor percentage, sales per labor hour and overtime for all locations by day or week and export data as needed.

Track what matters

Dive into location-specific sales and labor performance

Access real-time sales and labor variance across all your locations in one view with 7shifts. Easily identify issues that demand your attention and instantly identify comparables between stores. Now, you’ll always know where and how to focus your attention in order to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Sort the data you need

Get actionable labor insights to reduce employee turnover

Compare your locations based on traditionally hard-to-gather employee engagement data such as lates, no-shows, shift scores, and average tenure all in one place. Receive insights on most or least engaged staff to identify where additional training may be needed to improve team morale and ultimately minimize preventable employee turnover.

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"The 7shifts Operations Overview has helped us view and track our entire organization’s performance quickly and easily. Before it would take us hours to put together a weekly report for all our locations. Now, thanks to 7shifts -- and its integration with our Toast POS -- we can pull the data in a matter of seconds, helping our business focus on efficiency and growth."

Paul Zarmati, Director of IT, Bareburger

Monitoring your multi-unit restaurant health above-store and beyond

If you’re a multi-unit restaurant operator, you need a bird’s-eye view into your operations with the 7shifts enterprise dashboard. Track your entire restaurant operation in real time and quickly identify opportunities and increase labor profitability.

View your brand health at a glance with sales and labor data, or deep-dive into specific locations to view performance. With the enterprise dashboard for restaurants, you’ll get the oversight your corporate team needs to monitor profitability and make smarter business decisions. With total sales, labor percentage, sales per labor hour, and overtime tracked at a per-location and brand level, you’ll be equipped with the data you need to succeed.

Sort your data any way you like to find the low and top performers in your operation. By quickly identifying poorly-performing locations, your team can extend additional support and provide on-site training or inspection before the numbers affects your bottom line.

Get the insights your multi-unit restaurant needs to track brand health, impress corporate, and ultimately improve profitability.

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