Restaurant POS Integrations

Unlock the power of your restaurant POS. Make smarter, labor-saving business decisions by connecting your POS to sync sales and labor data, wages, and enforce schedules.

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Track your restaurant performance on the go

Take the guesswork out of your restaurant’s sales and labor with the Manager Dashboard—on desktop and mobile. Track real-time sales per labor hour synced from your POS to better control labor costs and make smarter business decisions.

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Schedule to hit your labor target every time

Easily build schedules that stay within your target labor percentage with the weekly labor budget tool—allowing you to set projected sales and labor targets so you can efficiently schedule your staff.

Plus, enhance your budgeting and lower labor costs with the Optimal Labor Tool by setting your labor target to determine where you need extra hands and when to spare a few.

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Eliminate time-theft and unbudgeted labor hours

Reduce your spending on unbudgeted labor hours and avoid employee time-theft by syncing your POS with 7shifts to automatically cross-reference all clock-ins with your schedule. With unscheduled punch-ins automatically blocked, you’ll save hundreds of dollars a month in time-theft and hit your labor targets with more accuracy.

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Gain more control over your restaurant budgeting

Plan and budget each department independently with sales data pulled from your POS. Control how sales divide and projections are calculated for each department to accurately project your labor when building next week’s schedule.

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Get a snapshot look into your labor operations

Make smarter, labor-saving business decisions when you connect your POS to unlock sales & labor reporting. Compare your restaurant’s data across projected versus actual sales, labor, and more.

Dive into detailed labor reports—like worked hours & wages, the variance report, and the real-time sales vs labor dashboard—to find the biggest gaps and take action to improve future schedules and cut your labor costs.

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Restaurant Payroll Integrations

Simplify your restaurant payroll process by integrating leading payroll systems with 7shifts—compliance and recordkeeping has never been easier.

Streamline payroll with automated payroll export

Improve your payroll workflow through exportable time clocking data that integrates with your payroll system. You'll not only remove human error, but save your managers plenty of admin work.

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