How 7shifts helps restaurants stay compliant with regulations…

Create & enforce
custom breaks

Ensure everyone gets a chance to relax by scheduling breaks—paid or unpaid—in advance, and in accordance with your local labor laws.

Custom breaks

Stay informed of
potential overtime

Overtime adds up quickly, and the key is prevention. The Overtime Alerts function notifies managers when an employee enters daily/weekly overtime, or is at risk of reaching overtime hours. Keep your employees’ work-life balance in check.

Overtime alerts
Enforce your scheduled
shift times

Eliminate unplanned or early employee clock ins the easy way. Integrate 7shifts with your POS to ensure staff only clock in when they are scheduled to work, and watch as your labor costs decrease.

Enforce scheduled shift times
Keep a record of historical schedules and changes

7shifts simplifies compliance in locales where labor laws require a stored backlog of staff schedules. All your schedules, as well as a record of every change made to them (and by whom), is safely stored in the 7shifts cloud.

Records of schedules
Allow for employee-initiated shift swaps

If you offer the opportunity for employees to swap shifts voluntarily, you’ll avoid premiums associated with the fair workweek legislations.

Shift swaps
Ensure mandatory rest between shifts

Scheduling legislations can dictate a minimum number of hours between scheduled shifts. Avoid costly compliance penalties receiving automatic alerts when you schedule shifts too close together.

clopen shifts
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