Empower your staff
to manage availability

Make it easy for staff to submit requests

Free mobile apps for iOS and Android allow staff to submit their availability and leave requests any time.

Get they ‘why’ behind requests

With 7shifts, set custom request types so you always know why staff are requesting leave.

Empower your staff to manage availability

Create leave rules that
work for your restaurant

Partial time-off support

Allow for partial availability so staff can be more flexible with their time and ability to work.

Schedule with full insights

All staff availability is plotted into the schedule creator, ensuring you never schedule someone that cannot work.

Create leave rules that work for your restaurant

Manage leave and requests
from phone or web

Staff management, in your pocket

All requests can be managed directly from our free mobile apps, so you can take care of business no matter where you are.

See what needs your attention fast

Instantly see what requests need your attention with the 7shifts dashboard, available every time you login.

Manage leave and requests from phone or web

Trusted by 250,000+ restaurant pros around the world

The world's best restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce costs

Country Place testimonial

"This is really great software. It significantly reduces management hours on dealing with schedule changes, time off requests, etc. We could never go back to paper scheduling again. This is one of the more reasonably priced options out there and the customer service is second to none."

Joe Werner, Manager

The simple employee leave management system for restaurants

Say goodbye to sticky notes and 70% of employee calls and texts, and hello to leave management software that works. With 7shifts, employees can submit availability and time-off requests directly from their mobile, and managers can approve the requests to have it automatically factored into the schedule.

Have a student in your workforce or a mum with limited daycare availability? To simplify future work schedules, have your employees submit repeating availability for days they know they won’t be able to work.

If you need last-minute shift coverage, pop a shift in the Shift Pool for employees to bid on to pick up extra hours. Or, chat with your team directly to find a replacement for an upcoming shift and reassign it in the schedule.

Leave of absence tracking and availability management for your restaurant is made easy with the robust 7shifts platform. Stay labor compliant by putting availability and time-off requests into control of your employees, and having schedules created and published directly to your team with weeks of advance notice.

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