Take notes
on the go via mobile & web

All your shift notes in one place

Keep tabs on your daily restaurant operations with a customizable log book that keeps daily notes, important shift details, and follow-up tasks together.

Customized to fit your needs

Use the default log book categories to track shift activity or easily create your own categories to track the things that are important to your restaurant.

Shift notes for restaurant managers

Publish daily notes
to managers

Instant notifications

As soon as a log entry is made, other managers will receive it via email or push notification, which you can review or reply to.

Past entries at your fingertips

Our cloud-based log book means you always have access to past log book entries from other managers on the web or on your mobile device.

Manager log book notifications

Keep a pulse on
your team's satisfaction

Get real-time feedback from your team

After every shift your staff can provide private assessments on how their shift went, which are sent to managers for review.

Spot problems and support your team

Managers get aggregate shift feedback scores to help proactively manage staff and identify opportunities to improve restaurant operations.

Shift Feedback illustration

Search and sort
log book entries

Organize by date and time

Entries are organized by day and category, making it easy to communicate issues or feedback. Customize the log book layout to suit your needs.

Easily search past entries

All entries are archived by date and category, so you can search the log book to find all entries in a specific date range or related to a specific category or employee.

manager log book search
restaurant image

"My schedule writing days are over but I still use the app to get daily recaps from all of my restaurants on the flow of service, 86'd items, sales, and employee progress. With the Manager Log book you can customize each section, add as many areas or as few as you want... Or search an employees name for an easy way to find feedback for quarterly evaluations."

Elizabeth Hyman, Director of Operations, Kome Restaurant Group

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The best private communication channel for managers

With the manager log book, your management team can communicate with each other privately about the goings-on in the restaurant. Even if managers don’t have overlapping shifts, keeping in-sync with daily shift activities, upcoming events and parties, maintenance issues and more can be important for the smooth functioning of the business. The manager log book feature is completely customizable—anything your managers need to share with other members of the management team can be done in the restaurant’s daily log book.

Managers can keep a pulse on team satisfaction and engagement with Shift Feedback, which prompts employees to provide feedback on their shift to the management team after they’ve clocked out. By tracking trends in satisfaction and employee happiness, at-risk employees or problematic shifts can be identified and dealt with to improve restaurant operations.

The manager log book is completely searchable so your team can always find older activity logs from weeks, months, or even years prior. All entries are archived by date and customizable category so you can always find what you’re looking for.

An easy-to-use daily log book is essential for restaurants, and now you can keep your entire management team in-sync across shifts, activities, and more for a more productive workplace.

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