Standardize your labor rules across locations

7shifts helps ensure all new locations opening under your brand are given the tools to manage labor effectively. Have peace of mind knowing that new locations are using the same scheduling best practices you have established across the entire organization.

Standardize your labor rules across locations

Automated scheduling with 95% forecasting accuracy

Combining your labor rules and historical sales data from your point of sale, the 7shifts demand-based scheduling algorithm analyzes sales data and weather trends along with several other factors to predict your upcoming staffing requirements and output the optimal schedule.

scheduling accuracy

Add adjustments for events

Sales and weather are just a few factors that impact your staffing needs every day. Our demand-based scheduler allows you to adjust your sales forecast based on events that may be happening around your restaurant.

event adjustments

Real-time coverage alerts

Both overstaffing and understaffing have negative impacts on your bottom line. The 7shifts demand-based scheduler ensures you have the right number of staff working at peak and down times to keep labor costs under control without compromising your service.

coverage alerts

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