Get a snapshot of your labor and people operations

Access real-time dashboards to get a snapshot of your business.

Restaurant Performance Dashboards

Track your restaurant performance—anytime, anywhere

Take the guesswork out of your restaurant’s sales and labor with the performance dashboards. Track sales per labor hour synced from your POS to better control labor costs, and view above-store reports for the health of your brand to make smarter business decisions.

Track performance on-the-go with the Manager Dashboard and Mobile Manager Dashboard to make on-the-fly decisions that reduce your labor costs.

Get a birds-eye view of your entire restaurant operation in real-time with the Enterprise Dashboard.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance


Get real-time insights into your labor operations

Make smarter, labor-saving business decisions by unlocking actual sales reports for each location. Easily compare insights across projected versus actual sales, labor, and more.

Dive into detailed labor reports to find the biggest gaps and take action to improve future schedules and cut your labor costs.

The Worked Hours & Wages Report: Get a detailed report of worked hours, overtime, breaks, and wages associated to monitor where your labor dollars are being spent. Compare worked hours and wages to schedules and targets to find your biggest labor gaps.

Variance Report: View a detailed report on variances between your actual and projected labor to uncover gaps in your planning like excess overtime, understaffing, or early punch-ins to build more labor-efficient schedules and stay on target.

Attendance Report: Identify your most and least-reliable employees by tracking sick days, lates, and no-shows on a per-employee basis to find which employees you can count on and which may be disengaged.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

Stay ahead of compliance fees

Get the visibility you need to stay more compliant with local labor laws and reduce monthly fees with simple labor compliance reporting.

Automatically track labor exceptions in your schedule and monitor employee activity so you can budget for fees, improve compliance, and protect your bottom line.

Review labor data for overtime hours, breaks, and more: Stay on top of predictive scheduling activity so you can build more compliant future schedules.

Robust, region-specific reporting: Get a report on all labor exceptions made specific to your state or city.

Keep accurate, up-to-date records: All compliance and punch-in employee data is kept for as long as you need it.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

Get real-time insights on employee engagement

Employee Attendance Reports

Stay on top of employee accountability

Get detailed views of staff accountability to make management easy. View staff vacation and time-off in one place to prioritize new requests, monitor Shift Pool activity to build schedules that work for everyone, and stay ahead of compliance and taxes with employee timesheets.

Keep your restaurant operating smoothly: Identify the most reliable staff with employee attendance reports to build trustworthy schedules.

Share with employees easily: Download and email reports in CVS or Excel format to keep your team informed.

One place for all employee data: Access and review all employee reports from one place to in our dashboard.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

Employee Engagement Dashboard

Reduce turnover with real-time engagement stats

Get a birds-eye view of your restaurant team’s engagement with aggregate per-location statistics like lates, no shows, sick times, and more. Monitor the average employee tenure and happiness score per location to get a sense of your culture's health over time.

Uncover which employees are at risk of leaving so your team can provide the extra support, training, and attention needed to make them satisfied and engaged team members.

Employee Engagement stats at a glance

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