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The importance of hiring the right candidate

A restaurant group is only as successful as a great director of operations enables them to be. By overseeing both daily operations and strategizing for the future, a director of ops ensures your restaurant is always finding new ways to grow.

This operations director job description template, which is completely customizable, is designed to help you find the right applicants for your open roles. Use the format provided and edit the paragraphs and bullet points to reflect your restaurant.

What's included in the director of operations template?

  • • Sections for an intro, job responsibilities, benefits, skills, and experience.
  • • Pointers for writing compelling ads that get qualified applicants.
  • • An easy-to-use template that you can copy, paste, and edit to your specifications to get attractive job ads up fast.

How To Best Use the Job Description Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your Director of Operations job description template:

Step 1: Starting with the first category, revise the sections to reflect your restaurant brand. Tell applicants what you're all about and why they should be excited to apply.

Step 2: Read through the provided bullet points and add, remove, or modify to meet your specific needs.

Step 3: Once your job description is where you want it, post it to your website, job boards, 7shifts hiring platform and wherever you are seeking applicants. 

Step 4: Be sure to save your edited job description for easy posting for your next hiring round!

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Hire for success and grow your business

Your team is the key to success in the restaurant business, and that all starts with making the right hire.

This job description template is designed to save you time on writing and more time recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training new employees.  

To make the hiring process easier, an applicant tracking system (ATS) can keep things organized, make follow-ups easier, and help your team collaborate on the hiring process. 7shifts team management platform has tools that will help your restaurant:

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