Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Better schedules—easier,
faster, and more efficient

Easily build schedules in a few clicks

With our simple, drag-and-drop schedule builder, you’ll be able to quickly create and assign shifts for your team to ensure your restaurant is properly staffed for the week.

Create templates to eliminate manual work

Create your next work schedule instantly with templates of your common shift patterns. Create your new schedule from a template and publish in seconds

Collaborative scheduling has never been easier

Schedules will automatically factor in your employees’ availability and time-off—plus, you’ll get instant alerts of any overtime or labor compliance issues.

drag and drop shifts scheduling

Securely communicate
with your team—any time, anywhere

Publish schedules instantly to staff

Your staff are immediately notified of their shifts when the schedule is published or updated—making your staff more accountable for their shifts.

Chat with your staff in the palm of your hand

If you need to sync up, chat directly with your team through personal or group direct messages. Or update the whole team at once about business changes, new menu items, special promos, or anything else going on in the restaurant with one-way Announcements.

Plan, fill, and cover shifts on the fly

Managers easily approve or deny time off, availability, and shift trade requests from staff on the free mobile app—and the schedule is updated instantly.

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staff scheduling notifications

Take control & reduce
your labor costs

Build schedules that meet department-specific labor targets

Get an instant calculation of your labor spending as you schedule shifts for the week—automatically saving your restaurant thousands per month through more efficient scheduling. Checkout how much you’ll save with our ROI calculator.

Avoid thousands in costly compliance fees

Get instant alerts of any compliance issues while you’re scheduling—like overtime, split shifts, clopens, and a full compliance report. With region-specific compliance handled, your restaurant will avoid paying costly penalties or premiums.

view labor costs

Schedule to meet
your restaurants’ needs

Optimize your labor

Visualize your scheduled labor and plan better schedules that meet your projected sales needs by integrating your POS. Identify any variances that need your attention so you can staff your restaurant efficiently.

Easily identify overages & shortages in your schedule

Get a simple, visual indicator of whether you have scheduled too many—or too few— hands for your restaurant based on the optimal labor recommendation.

Labor budget tool image

Track & optimize
your restaurant performance

Get a real-time look at critical metrics

Monitor the most important things in your restaurant–your sales and labor costs–in the palm of your hand through your mobile device so you can make better scheduling decisions.

Keep an eye on your restaurant from anywhere

Get a quick look at who’s working and who’s engaged to keep your team productive and high-performing. Monitor proactive engagement stats on lates, no shows picked up shifts, and highlight and address any disengaged staff.

restaurant sales dashboard

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Why 7shifts is your ultimate restaurant employee scheduling software

7shifts makes creating simple and reliable restaurant employee schedules a breeze. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop, a full-service restaurant, or a national burger chain, our employee scheduling solution makes it easy to build and manage your employee schedule to better meet your labor targets.

Cloud-based restaurant scheduling software is a critical piece of the modern restaurant technology stack and trustworthy solution to simplified labor management. Put your pen and paper scheduling habits in the past with 7shifts’ robust restaurant scheduling app, time-clocking tool, advanced reports, and more.

With 7shifts employee scheduling software, your managers will spend 80% less time figuring out how to schedule employees in the restaurant, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and more time serving your restaurant guests.

Take your restaurant “to go” with our free restaurant scheduling app

Managers and employees can take their scheduling and team communication into their own hands with free mobile apps.

Use the manager mobile app to improve your restaurant manager’s productivity and empower employees with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests – all from their smartphones.

Empower your employees with schedule availability collaboration and team communication with the free employee mobile app, and keep employees in-the-loop with their upcoming schedules.

Why restaurant employees love 7shifts

Restaurant employees are delivered a beautiful and seamless experience in the 7shifts employee app, where they can chat with their team, submit availability, and view upcoming shifts. Maintaining schedule flexibility with availability and time-off requests has never been easier, and team bonding is made simple with our in-app direct messaging functionality.

When it comes to managing their schedules, employees have more collaborative opportunities with Shift Pool, where they can offer up or bid on open shifts to swap amongst themselves with manager approval. Employees are held accountable to their schedules and your managers can worry less about no-shows and last-minute call-ins.

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