Save your restaurant
time & money

An improvement on a familiar look

You'll recognize our schedule layout whether you've used Excel or pen and paper. We've taken it a step further with our intuitive drag and drop schedule and auto-scheduling feature.

Build schedules in one click

Using auto-scheduling and custom shift templates, our system builds a schedule based on staff availability and weekly shift requirements.

drag and drop shifts scheduling

Take control
of your labor costs

Set and view labor costs by department

Our budgeting tool allows you to see how much you're spending on your staff on a daily and weekly basis in real time. Instantly determine how much money this can save your business with our labor cost savings calculator.

Instant alerts around overtime

Get notified if you are about to schedule an employee into overtime.

view labor costs

Be in compliance with
labor standards

7shifts can help you stay in compliance with your local labor laws without having to sacrifice staff, customers, food quality, your bottom line, or your sanity.

Real-time overtime alerts

Combining hours that staff have already worked with what they’re still scheduled for, we’re able to notify you in real-time if staff are scheduled to go into overtime.

Break enforcement

We'll help ensure all staff members take their minimum scheduled break at the necessary times to avoid paying penalties.

comply with labor standards

Track your

Restaurant dashboard

Get a quick look at the most important things in your restaurant – your sales and labor costs – so you can make better scheduling decisions.

Integrate your POS data

Integrate your sales data from some of the top restaurant POS systems in the industry. 7shifts will forecast your sales automatically.

View all our integrations
restaurant sales dashboard

Keep everyone in
the loop

Instant notifications

Your staff are immediately notified of their shifts when the schedule is published or when changes are made to their shifts.

Approve or decline staff requests on the fly

Using our free mobile apps, get notified to approve or decline requests for time off, availability and shift trades.

staff scheduling notifications

Trusted by 250,000+ restaurant pros around the world

The world's best restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce costs

Why 7shifts is your ultimate restaurant employee scheduling software

7shifts makes creating simple and reliable restaurant employee schedules a breeze. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop, a full-service restaurant, or a national burger chain, our employee scheduling solution makes it easy to build and manage your employee schedule to better meet your labor targets.

Cloud-based restaurant scheduling software is a critical piece of the modern restaurant technology stack and trustworthy solution to simplified labor management. Put your pen and paper scheduling habits in the past with 7shifts’ robust restaurant scheduling app, time-clocking tool, advanced reports, and more.

With 7shifts employee scheduling software, your managers will spend 80% less time figuring out how to schedule employees in the restaurant, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and more time serving your restaurant guests.

Take your restaurant “to go” with our free restaurant scheduling app

Managers and employees can take their scheduling and team communication into their own hands with free mobile apps.

Use the manager mobile app to improve your restaurant manager’s productivity and empower employees with shift swapping, availability management, and time-off requests – all from their smartphones.

Empower your employees with schedule availability collaboration and team communication with the free employee mobile app, and keep employees in-the-loop with their upcoming schedules.

Why restaurant employees love 7shifts

Restaurant employees are delivered a beautiful and seamless experience in the 7shifts employee app, where they can chat with their team, submit availability, and view upcoming shifts. Maintaining schedule flexibility with availability and time-off requests has never been easier, and team bonding is made simple with our in-app direct messaging functionality.

When it comes to managing their schedules, employees have more collaborative opportunities with Shift Pool, where they can offer up or bid on open shifts to swap amongst themselves with manager approval. Employees are held accountable to their schedules and your managers can worry less about no-shows and last-minute call-ins.

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