What's inside this report?

This report is based on direct feedback from hundreds of restaurant managers, executives, and owners across the United States and Canada. From their real-world experiences and honest feedback, we can supply you with actionable insights and statistics for one of the industry’s biggest elephants: third-party delivery.

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Topics covered include:

Third-Party Delivery

The true cost for restaurants


How delivery impacts your labor

The Restaurant of the Future

How delivery fits in

2020 Data

What the biggest profit-drivers were for restaurants

Key findings from the report

Restaurateurs are making significant changes to their labor structure and business models in the wake of COVID-19’s impact. Here are the key findings from the full report:

Delivery-related roles being created have grown by 243%

Nearly 900 delivery-related roles have been created in the 9 months since March 2020. This is in comparison to just 254 roles being added in the 9 months prior to March.

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The biggest revenue stream during COVID-19 has been outdoor dining

37% of restaurants report outdoor dining as their biggest revenue driver during COVID-19. Indoor dining is slightly behind (29%), and third-party delivery came in third at 16.5% of revenue.

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The share of front of house shifts have dropped 7.6% since March 2020

Before March of 2020, front of house shifts made up 34% of all shifts. Since then respondents reported that number is down to 26.4%.

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