Keep your team accountable with custom task lists

Easily create recurring or one-time task lists for your entire team that are tied to the shifts they’re assigned. Set times for lists to appear to employees, as well as times for them to be completed by. Instantly edit, update, or add details to your tasks lists such as instructions for proper completion. Your team can stay productive on-shift as they review and complete tasks right from their mobile device. Whatever you have planned that week—from business as usual to special events—you can rest easy that everything will be taken care of by your team.

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Provide work guidance for each employee

Your staff only see the tasks that they are responsible for—based on the location, department, and role they are assigned to. When your staff clock in for the day, they can access the tasks they need to take care (with optional details) and you’ll be notified when they’re complete. Employee tagging also makes individual task assignment and private task lists possible. Staying on top of their daily, weekly, or monthly duties has never been easier.

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Track productivity over time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your team by receiving real-time notifications whenever a task is completed, who completed it, and which tasks are outstanding. With a complete report on who is completing which tasks and when, you’ll be able to easily stay on top of team accountability.

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"7Tasks has been a great addition to our daily operations. It’s easy to use, has eliminated our reliance on paper task lists, seamlessly integrates with our scheduling, and has increased our staff accountability."

Holly Megges, Director of Operations, Pita Way

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What is restaurant task management?

Restaurant task management is the process of creating and managing the sets of complex tasks that go into running a restaurant. Restaurant tasks are often managed by a restaurant manager, GM, or owner, who are responsible for setting tasks and ensuring that employees complete them in a correct and timely fashion.

Restaurant task management can be completed with apps, checklists, whiteboards, and more. However, the best way to manage restaurant tasks is with an app like 7shifts that improves accountability by tracking which employee completed the task(s) and when. Restaurant task management apps like 7shifts allow you to do this with ease through robust reporting features.

Why 7shifts is your ultimate restaurant task management software

7shifts is the ultimate restaurant task management software because it is the easiest way for restaurant managers to create and assign tasks to staff. 7shifts restaurant task management software works by attaching recurring tasks to shifts that are created in the weekly schedule, divided by location, department, or role.

Then, once employees are scheduled for a shift, they are made aware of the tasks they have to do, which they will be reminded to complete during their shift. Once employees complete a shift and mark it as complete, managers can see who completed the tasks and when the tasks were completed. This simplicity makes 7shifts the ultimate task management software that is used and trusted by over 300,000 restaurant professionals around the world.

Why restaurants love 7shifts

7shifts is a simple and easy way to for restaurants to manage employee scheduling. With our restaurant employee scheduling platform, restaurants can easily build their schedule, manage availability and time off, communicate with their team, optimize their labor spend, stay in compliance with regional labor regulations, and manage employee tasks that are completed during shifts.

When it comes to employees, they have access to the free 7shifts mobile employee scheduling app. With the app, they can offer up or bid on open shifts to swap amongst themselves with manager approval. Employees are held accountable to their schedules and your managers can worry less about no-shows and last-minute call-ins.

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